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Biergarten Cookbook Traditional Bavarian Recipes with a Modern Twist

Biergarten Cookbook Traditional Bavarian Recipes with a Modern Twist




Biergarten CookbookBiergarten Cookbook

Visit any Bavarian Biergarten  during the Summer, and you will see people enjoying the mild weather with a Maß of beer and food. But this isn’t an ordinary picnic… you won’t find plain old ham sandwiches and potato chips… Out of baskets and coolers come fresh Salads, grilled Sausages, a variety of dips, pickled veggies and sliced Pork Roast. These fabulous foods are all served on real plates… with real cutlery and even cloth napkins, just like they would be at home. The Biergarten Cookbook, Traditional Bavarian Recipes is loaded with delicious recipes, perfect for taking along to a Biergarten, open air concert or to your local park. You will also find tips for transporting your Biergarten Picnic, as well as a bit of Biergarten history, and some great phrases (to make you look like a pro!).

The Biergarten Cookbook by Julia Skowronek

biergarten cookbookThere are lots of old favorites, and a quite a few modern surprises in the Biergarten Cookbook. Of course, there is the obligatory recipe for Soft Pretzels… and naturally, there is a Bavarian Potato Salad recipe... But there are unexpected gems that update traditional foods. I love the Green Bean Salad with Feta Cheese! And while, of course, there is a Backhendl (Roast Chicken) recipe, and a beautiful recipe for Wurst Salad (Sausage Salad)… you also find Baked Potatoes stuffed with Smoked Salmon or Black Forest Ham. YUM!! And there are LOADS of dips and spread recipes… perfect for dipping everything from Radish Roses to Potato Wedges. Love pickles? Try the pickled eggs or the pickled cucumbers!

You even get recipes for take-along desserts like Plum Cake and Apple Strudel Pastries.

I admit, I love to read cookbooks… and the The Biergarten Cookbook: Traditional Bavarian Recipes is a pretty book to page through. Every recipe has an image, so you can see what your food is supposed to look like (or the photo may just tempt you in to trying something new!). Also, the recipes are designed for the American Kitchen, as well as the German Kitchen… ingredients are measured both by weight and volume.

biergarten cookbook

While it’s not a big book… only around 150 pages, with 65-70 recipes…. what they did include all looks really good. You don’t have many strange filler recipes that no one wants to try (well… ok… one. I have never been a fan of aspic…meat jello is confusing). My only complaint is that so many of the recipes are topped with rings of onion… but, I suppose you could leave them off…

Also Included in The Biergarten Cookbook

biergarten cookbookI really like the extra bits and pieces that were added to round out the content , and make it much more than just a cookbook. Julia Skowronek starts off with a brief history of Biergarten’s... and how they are regulated, as well as protected by the State. My favorite part… Biergartens give people a chance to  come together outdoors, and counter the feelings of loneliness… It’s true, no one is alone at a Biergarten (I especially love how everyone shares tables!). There are special suggestions for feeding Vegetarians, lists of kid-friendly foods (those Radish Roses!) and even tips for packing your food so that it arrives looking and tasting as delicious as it was at home.

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Biergarten CookbookBiergarten Cookbook

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  1. Thank you so much for writing about German life and culture. It brought back so many memories. I grew up in Germany but I live here now since 1981. My grandkids love when I would tell them stories about my childhood and the way things are different. Thanks to the internet it is so much easier to stay connected and informed. Thanks again.

  2. Can I get your articles sent to my email address? I am a German teacher and so many of your articles would make a great teaching moment and promote German.
    Can’t get enough of you wonderful articles!

    Thank you so much!

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