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In a perfect world, we all would have learned to cook from our Mothers or Omas. Standing together in the kitchen, wearing a practical apron, watching to see how to develop those delicious German flavors that came so effortlessly to them. Cookbooks and recipes are fine, but there is a missing element. Those little hints, that accented voice. Luckily, Angela at All Tastes German has created an online Traditional German Food class for novice German cooks to prepare meals that would make even the pickiest Oma proud!

I loved the All Tastes German Christmas Treats book (currently out of print), and these recipes are just as easy to follow!

Traditional german Cooking Class

Go Straight to the All Tastes German Website
and Sign UP for the Traditional German Food Course

The All Tastes German cooking lessons are set up like this.

You get a weekly lesson plan of recipes and videos, a menu plan, and some cute extras to make your table special.

Now, I know what you are thinking… “videos are everywhere, and I can buy a cookbook. “

These are different.

In this exclusive online series, Angela walks you through the process of preparing the German foods carefully, and thoroughly, without a lot of unneeded fluff. (A LOT like cooking with your favorite Aunt!!) You really see the details.  For Schnitzel, she begins with selecting the proper cut of meat, and then shows how to trim and pound it the right way. You see how to season it (including some of her special secret flavor tricks), and you learn the right way to bread the meat. Everything is broken down to step by step lessons. It’s almost as if your Oma is over your shoulder talking you through it.

All Tastes German Traditional German Cooking Lessons

But the lessons are more than just “Schnitzel”. In the first lesson, you not only learn how to make a few different sauces for the Schnitzel, you also get a great lesson on how to prepare the base for the sauces to keep in your freezer. (She loves to give good economical tips! Nothing is wasted!) What are the best mushrooms? How do you make the Rahm Soße extra creamy? All of these secrets are included.

Want to make Kartoffelsalat? Of course you do. Angela has you covered, down to the right potatoes!

And of course, there is dessert.

My Oma (and my mother) always had “Nachtisch” for us. A simple dessert that rounded out the meal with a sweet finish. The first Lesson covers Bavarian Cream and Raspberry Sauce. I’ve never attempted Bavarian cream before, because it always seemed so intimidating, like something you would see on Top Chef or in a 5 Star restaurant. Well…. The lesson made me realize that I could make this fabulous dessert as easily as making some packet mix. And cheaper! (And I LOVE how Angela uses the “just use the same mixing bowl to save on cleaning extra dishes” method).

Included with all the videos and recipes are fun extras.

Printable labels to make pretty gifts of your Raspberry Sauce, pick toppers that jazz up your holiday buffets, and parties.

Each Lesson Adds to Your German Cooking Repertoire

Each weekly lesson comes with a Theme to keep it cohesive. Oma’s Table, Northern Favorites (can I tell you how excited I am that the North of Germany is included!), Bavarian specialties, German Crowd Pleasers… and more! In all you get more than 90 recipes, all with associated videos to guide you through the cooking process.

Later lessons also include Klöße, Käse Spätzle, Sauerkraut, Leberknödelsuppe, Leberkäse, Matjes Herring, Rote Grütze, Traditional German Rye Bread and rolls, Pretzels, and a delicious assortment of cakes!

And because no one likes to eat without drinking… you also get recipes for the perfect accompanying beverages… both non-alcoholic and alcoholic.

As a bonus, you will also get a special Oktoberfest lesson to make throwing a backyard Oktoberfest a snap!

To round up every lesson, there are menu plans to put what you have learned into action. “Special Birthday Dinners”, “Shower Buffets”, “Brunch Menus” and even a” Wedding menu!” for entertaining your friends.

And best of all, you are not in this alone!

If you have any questions, at any time, you can message Angela, and she will get back to you with help. I was surprised JUST how responsive she is! There’s no need to stand around your kitchen in a panic. She’s got your back.

Learning to Cook Traditional German Recipes is EASY with this Program!

The cooking lessons from the All Tastes German Traditional German Cooking Classes will transform anyone into a competent German Chef in just a few weeks. These lessons and recipes are designed for the American Kitchen with ingredients that are easy to source. And the measurements are given in American Standard. You won’t have to send away for obscure spices or buy a scale! Plus, you get cultural background and history lessons with each ingredient (so you can WOW your German in-laws!).

If you have ever wanted to take an immersive German Cooking Class,  or you know someone who would benefit from these instructions, then look at the All Tastes German cooking lessons.

  • That’s 8 Lessons with multiple recipes and professionally made videos!
  • Plus you get the Oktoberfest Special with recipes and videos. Including recipes for Vegan Liverwurst and Tartar!
  • Over 90 Recipes and Videos in all!
  • Cultural background for each of the recipes
  • Pronunciation guides for the recipes and ingredients
  • Assorted menus to take the panic out of planning meals.
  • Printables to make your table look extra special… or to create gifts from your kitchen

And best of all… you get a lifetime of support in the kitchen.

Click to visit the All Tastes German Website… You will see all the lessons, and a list of the recipes that are being taught. Take a look at the video on the website to get an idea of how it works, I just know you will love it.

Convinced? Go  to the All Tastes German Website
and Sign UP for the Traditional German Food Course


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