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Celebrate Maifest in America and Canada… Find Events HERE

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Hummel Figurine – May Dance Millenium Maifest 2000 Maifest is a celebration of the arrival of spring. This old tradition has deep roots in Germany, and became an official German Holiday in 1934. To learn more about Maifest, click here–> What is Maifest? Today, like many other traditions, Maifest came to America with German immigrants […]

What are Sorbian Easter Eggs? How are they made & Who are the Sorbs?

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Some of the most beautifully decorated Easter Eggs that I’ve ever seen are Sorbian Easter Eggs. My mother introduced us to them when we were children, and she remembered them from her childhood. You see, my Opa, her father, is from Weißwasser… a town in eastern Saxony, Germany, a town that once belonged to Upper […]