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Buy German Bread Online from EU Bakery

Buy German Bread Online from EU Bakery


buy german bread online

A few weeks ago I was able to buy German Bread online from EU Bakery. After tasting 6 different breads, a Strudel, a Babka and some donuts… and feeding my extended family the bread and treats… I can honestly say that I LOVE the breads from EUBakery.com.

Buy German Bread Online

In 2002, the EU Bakery got its start in Brooklyn,  New York as a small family business, and has expanded to online (or on phone) sales. According to Artur Kopko, “We are importing breads straight from Germany and from Polish bakery from Kielce City- Kielce is located  in Silesia” (This explains why my mother was so familiar with the breads!). Normally they sell the products in their Brooklyn Deli, but they started the online sales a few months ago, and it’s working well.

Broetchen and Pretzels are on the website, but unfortunately, there were none available when I placed my order. I’m really looking forward to sampling them soon!

How the Bread Arrives

buy german bread onlineAll of the breads came frozen, and packed carefully into a big Styrofoam cooler/box. Every bread was double wrapped… some were even sealed shut in thick plastic. The box also had some freezer packs, and dry ice bags. By the time we got the bread in California (about 5 days after shipping), the dry ice was gone, but the bread was still partially frozen. We put most into the freezer (for Easter), and tested the others.

Bake the Bread a Little Before Eating

The thawed bread just needed  a few minutes in a hot oven (with a bowl of water) to crisp up the crust. The instructions that come in the box make it easy. The only thing I did differently was to sprinkle the crust with a little extra water.

Frozen breads can also be baked up a bit, and they taste fresh again.

buy german bread onlineI ordered 6 different breads-

Pumpkin Seed Bread– Nice light Rye with Pumpkin Seeds

Castle Bread– A rustic, flour dusted wheat bread.

Multi Grain Bread– Rutic multi-grain, loaded with seeds.

Homely Bread– White bread with a wonderful crust.

Farmervesper Bread– Round mixed wheat bread… great for Butterbrote

Fitness Bread– Loaded with seeds and healthy good things. I love it toasted!

I can honestly say the all of the breads were delicious! The Pumpkin Seed, Homely and Fitness Bread were the quickest to get gobbled up by my hungry family, but everyone really enjoyed all the breads. Even my MOTHER, who is very picky about bread.

The flavors were very good, and fit well with the German Aufschnitt that we ate on it. I love that the Multi-Grain and Fitness Breads don’t taste sweet, like so many American breads do. These breads have just a few simple ingredients, and are not loaded with chemicals or preservatives. They won’t keep forever in the breadbox, but you can store them in the freezer for a year.

You Can Also Order Sweets

To round out my order, I got a Chocolate Babka, an Apricot Strudel and some filled Donuts. The Chocolate Babka was amazing. Not too sweet, not too bitter… just the right balance. I served it warmed up a little, and everyone gobbled it down with their coffee. The Apricot Strudel was a fooler… think of it as a rolled coffee cake filled with a dried apricot filling. Delicious, and not very sweet. I thought it was best with a little jam on it at breakfast.

The Polish Donuts…well… they were just barely ok. I don’t think you can freeze and reheat filled donuts very well, and they had a funny taste of oil. But, live and learn. Donuts are best straight from the fryer.

EU Bakery Sells Other Products

You can get more from EUBakery.com than just bread and cake. They also sell baking products, noodles, coffee, baking tools, rice and groats, syrups, baking mix and even jarred sausages.

Buy German Bread Online Here— > EU Bakery

Ordering is easy… you can go online to their site at–> www.EUBakery.com, and order there, or give them a call at (718)304-3593. Prices are quite reasonable, and there was a flat rate for shipping and handling (I paid $9). And if you order over $100, shipping is free.

Let them know that Karen from German Girl in America sent you!


  1. Why don´t you make and bake your German Bread by yourself? Everyone can do it and nothing smells and tastes better then home made fresh bread German Style.
    The secret of German bread is the sourdough. You can make just a regular Farmers Bread, or you can add just about anything and mix it into your dough before you bake it. Pine nuts, raisins, roasted onions are just a few examples.
    In the following link you have a detailed description how to make your own sourdough and how to continue using it. The page is in German, but if you use Google Chrome, just right click on the page and have it translated to English. Have fun and enjoy! Regards from Germany!



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