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Buy German Cheese Online from iGourmet- Find all your Favorites!

Buy German Cheese Online from iGourmet- Find all your Favorites!


Much is said about German bread and German Aufschnitt, but Brotzeit wouldn’t be complete without a piece of good German Cheese. From smooth Butterkäse to stinky Limburger, Germans do love their cheese. And although most American Supermarkets are carrying more variety these days, they still lack German cheese. If you don’t have a fully stocked  German Deli near you, you might need to order your favorites. So… where can you buy German cheese online?

I’ve gotten a few shipments from igourmet, and they have always been top quality and delicious. Igourmet sells cheese by the piece, or you can order gift packs of cheese (like their Oktoberfest assortment which comes out in the Fall). The cheese comes wrapped and sealed airtight, packed in a cooler box to keep it safe.

There’s an incredible selection of cheeses here…Alpcheese,  Bierkäse, Limburger cheese, Cambozola (a fun mix of Camembert and Blue Cheese), Tilsit, Bavarian Rotschmierkäse, even a special cheese made from König Ludwig Dunkel Bier! This is a cheese lovers paradise!

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buy german cheese

Find all of your favorite German Cheeses here-


Smooth and creamy. Butterkäse is a semi-hard cheese that melts well (try it for a different Grilled Cheese!) Delicious on a slice of bread or a cracker. It’s one of my favorites.

Butterkase CheeseButterkase Cheeseigourmet

Allgau Emmental Cheese

Confused by the name? An Emmental cheese may be Swiss, but his version was made with Bavarian milk in the Allgau … using Swiss methods. This cheese is tasty on a slice of bread, but also works well sliced into a Käse Schinken Salat.

Allgau Emmental CheeseAllgau Emmental Cheeseigourmet

Käserebellen King Ludwig Beer Cheese

This special cheese comes with a side of history. Prince Luitpold of Bavaria (grandson of King Ludwig III) gave a special license to create this cheese using milk from cows grazing in protected meadows and König Ludwig Dunkel a bottom-fermentation dark specialty beer. This tasty cheese deserves a spot at every party. Serve at Brotzeit with a good Bavarian Beer.

Käserebellen King Ludwig Beer CheeseKäserebellen King Ludwig Beer Cheeseigourmet

German Tilsit

Once upon a time, some German cheesemakers were trying to make Gouda… they ended up with something new, Tilsit. This tangy cheese slices well, so it works perfectly for sandwiches.

German Tilsit CheeseGerman Tilsit Cheeseigourmet

Ammerlander Oldenburg Gouda Cheese

Gouda may be Dutch, but the northern Germans love it too (it’s one I usually reach for myself). This semi-hard Ammerlander Gouda is made in Oldenburg, Germany. Lay a slice on some Rye bread for a tasty sandwich.

Ammerlander Oldenburg Gouda CheeseAmmerlander Oldenburg Gouda Cheeseigourmet

Smoked Ammerlander Cheese

This flavorful cheese gets its color and lightly smoky flavor from being smoked over Beech wood. And it is amazing on a sandwich!

Smoked Ammerlander CheeseSmoked Ammerlander Cheeseigourmet

Baldauf Alpcheese

Cheesemakers use high quality milk  from Alpine cows who eat nothing but green grass in summer, and hay in winter to create this award winning aromatic cheese.

Baldauf AlpcheeseBaldauf Alpcheeseigourmet

Buy German Cambozola Cheese

Cambozola Cheese

This is a creamy and slightly funky Camembert with Blue Cheese shot through it. Wow! It’s good. You can easily smear it on a bread or crackers, and then go back again and again for more.

Cambozola CheeseCambozola Cheeseigourmet

Go to the next level. This Triple-Cream Cambozola is smooth, creamy, a little nutty, and oh so good!

Cambozola Black Label CheeseCambozola Black Label Cheeseigourmet



Rougette Bavarian Red Cheese aka Rotschmierkäse

Like stinky cheese? The Bavarian Red Cheese with it’s pungent smell and smooth texture will put you into a state of cheese bliss. The rind is washed in red mold cultures a few times during the ripening process, making it strong in taste and smell.

Rougette Bavarian Red CheeseRougette Bavarian Red Cheeseigourmet

Allgauer Limburger Cheese

Whoot! You can buy Limburger cheese online! When you are ready to clear the room with a stinky cheese…. you reach for the Limburger. Honestly, those who like this kind of cheese, really like it. My mother LOVES this cheese. The Allgauer Limburger Cheese is made in Swabia. Smear on a slice of bread… or serve with onion.

Allgauer Limburger CheeseAllgauer Limburger Cheeseigourmet

New and Different German Cheeses

Looking for some out of the ordinary German cheeses? These Baldauf Alpcheeses come wrapped in special flavors… Alpen Wildflowers and Chili Flakes. We REALLY enjoyed these in our home!
buy German cheese

Baldauf Wild Flower Cheese

This cheese not only tastes amazing, it looks beautiful on your cheese plate. It’s a Baldauf Alpcheese, so it’s made with high quality milk, but then it’s coated with Alpine Flowers (totally edible!). This one vanishes fast from our cheese board!

Baldauf Wild Flower CheeseBaldauf Wild Flower Cheeseigourmet

Baldauf Chilikäse

Spice things up with this Chilikäse. It’s another Alpine cheese, but this time it’s coated in Chiliflakes. My son can’t get enough of this one! Add it to your Cheese board for a kick of flavor.

Baldauf Chilikase CheeseBaldauf Chilikase Cheeseigourmet

German Gift Boxes mit Käse!

These gift boxes come packed with different cheese and other foods. Cheese, bread, sweets and more to bring a smile to any German Food lover’s face!

A Little Bit of Germany

This amazing gift box is a party in a box. Three kinds of cheeses, bread, sausages, jam, German mustard, and even Weinbrandkirschen and a CAKE for dessert.

A Little Bit of Germany Gift BoxA Little Bit of Germany Gift BoxigourmetA Little Bit of Germany Gift BoxA Little Bit of Germany Gift Boxigourmet



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