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Susanne Bacon’s -Delicate Dreams Book Review

Susanne Bacon’s -Delicate Dreams Book Review


Delicate Dreams: A NovelDelicate Dreams: A NovelDelicate Dreams: A Novel

Sometimes when things get just a little too heavy or overwhelming, it’s good to sit in a comfy chair with a cup of tea and a feel good book. Susanne Bacon’s “Delicate Dreams” is exactly what I needed to find my center again after a very busy week. No bloody murders, no overwhelming crisis, no smart-aleck side kicks, just a cast of familiar characters who welcomed me into their world, and made me feel right at home.

Delicate Dreams Book Review

Delicate Dreams is the story of Dottie (geborn Gertrude) Dolan, the German widow of an American Soldier who passed away shortly after his retirement from the Air Force. At 45, Dottie finds she is alone in the seaside town of Wycliff, WA. The kids have grown up and moved away, and she is searching for something to keep herself busy, and connect her to the community.

With the encouragement and partnership of her neighbor and new friend, Pattie, Dottie opens a German Deli in the historic downtown, selling Aufschnitt, Wurst and treats that she remembers and loves from her home in Germany. The business begins to grow, and soon, Dottie finds herself taking part in the Chamber of Commerce, and is looking forward to taking part in the communities’ famous Victorian Christmas celebration. Until things begin to go wrong…

Susanne Bacon
Author Susanne Bacon (Photography: Laci Anna Duer)

Delicate Dreams is more than a story about a German Deli, although, I have to admit, the descriptions of the shop might have been my favorite parts. (They reminded me so much of the German Delis and shops I’ve visited). There are several backstories just to keep things lively and engaging. Is there a dangerous thief in town? Will Dottie’s daughter come to her senses about her “relationship”, and finally settle into her own life? Will Wycliff’s Christmas Celebrations be cancelled, ruining downtown businesses, after the funds are embezzled? And most of all… will Dottie allow herself to let a new love into her life?

Susanne Bacon invites us in to Dottie’s life in a way that makes her feel like a good friend. Each chapter ends with a letter that Dottie has written to her late husband containing her deepest worries and longings. You really get a chance to get to know her as more than just a two dimensional character on the page.

I honestly wish I could move to Wycliff, it seems like a place I could live well… not in a fairy tale, but in a happy reality. I look forward to reading more about Dottie and her friends! For now, I will have to be satisfied cooking the delicious soup recipes that Susanne included in the back of the book! Lecker!!

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Delicate Dreams: A NovelDelicate Dreams: A Novel

Update- I’ve read, and thoroughly enjoyed all of Susanne Bacon’s Wycliff novels. While they don’t feature Dottie and her Deli, they do mention her… and other familiar characters in Wycliffe. I’m ready to move there now…


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Read the newest Wycliff Novel- Clean Cuts

Susanne just sent me her latest book, Clean Cuts. Next to Delicate Dreams, this one has to be my favorite. Maybe because there is a LOT of food in it! Get your copy HERE

Clean Cuts: A Wycliff NovelClean Cuts: A Wycliff Novel

Delicate Dreams in GERMAN!

What a great way to practice German! Susanne recently translated Delicate Dreams into German for all of us to enjoy.

Traume am SundTraume am Sund

Islands on Storm

Like the Wycliff Novels? Why not try one of Susanne’s earlier books…
Islands on Storm is a different type of novel than her Wycliff books.This one feels more personal. The story takes place on the Channel Islands, and goes back and forth between the present and the time when the Islands were occupied by German Forces in WW2. It’s a great story, and an engaging look at a lost bit of history.

Islands on StormIslands on Storm

delicate dreams book review


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