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Amherst German Christmas Market- NH

Amherst German Christmas Market- NH

December 7, 2019 all-day
Wigwam Museum
NH 03031
Amherst German Christmas Market- NH @ Wigwam Museum

In December 2018, the Wigwam Museum and Historical Society of Amherst, New Hampshire hosted the first annual German Christmas Market. Visitors enjoyed vendors, gluhwein (hot spiced wine), christmas music, and fun! We are hoping to continue this tradition, and expand the event for years to come.
Some history behind the event:
¨Every year, Christmas markets pop up around Germany in the beginning of the Advent Season, signaling the approach of the Christmas Holidays. Christmas markets began centuries ago, when regular markets were extended a few extra days to make the cold season a little more cheerful for the chilly Villagers. Goods were probably laid out on the streets instead of in booths as they are today.
Before they were called Christmas markets, winter markets were held in Europe during the Late Middle Ages. Usually they took place over a few days. These markets were a chance for people to come together, buy food and handicrafts, and especially, stock up for the long cold winter. Even though the markets weren’t specifically “Christmas Markets”, people would purchase wood carvings, toys and special seasonal baked goods and meats.¨ (Germangirlinamerica.com)
Join us in celebrating the holiday season with a touch of German flair!


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