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Order Fresh German Bread Online from The Bread Village- My Review

Order Fresh German Bread Online from The Bread Village- My Review


Ask any German what they miss the most about Germany, and you will generally hear THE BREAD. There is something special about German Bread. What’s a German in America to do? Fortunately, thanks to the Bread Village, you can order German Bread online. This “fresh baked” German Artisan Bread is delivered right to your home! The breads are delicious and absolutely authentic. And best of all, they have the Oma stamp of approval!

Skip the review and go straight to ordering–> https://breadvillage.com/

buy german food online

Bread Village- German Bread Online

How it works

The Bread Village imports partially baked loaves from Germany, and then sends them along to customers here in the United States. Because these are AUTHENTIC German breads, you won’t find any preservatives or additives. (All ingredients are clearly listed on the label).

german bread online

When I opened the box, I was a bit surprised to see that there wasn’t a cold pack or insulation with the bread. According to the website, the sourdough in the bread has enough acid to keep the bread fresh for 8-10 days without cooling. This is good, because those cold packs add weight, and shipping would be expensive. The Breads come wrapped and ready to pop into the oven for finishing,  or the freezer for storage (for up to 9 months).

german bread online

Each loaf weighs just over a pound. They aren’t giant, but as an example, I baked one up to serve with soup, and each of us had a few slices with some left over for breakfast the next morning. (Of course, the bread is so good, you might find yourself just eating the bread with some butter and forget the soup).

Why You Should Order German Bread Online from the Bread Village

Recently, Christian from the Bread Village sent me a box with 6 of their breads to try:

-Rustic German Farmer’s Bread
-German Whole Grain Rye Bread
-German Sunflower Seed Bread
-German Chia Seed Bread
-German Multi-Seed Sourdough Bread
-German Pumpkin Seed Bread

Because it’s my favorite, I HAD to try the Pumpkin Seed bread first. Instructions are included in the shipping box as well as on the bread label (in case, like me, you have a tendency to misplace pieces of paper)… and it’s also on the website.

Honestly, it could NOT be any easier. Preheat the oven to 350 F… then bake the bread for 12 to 15 min.
Let the bread cool for 5 minutes (it’s an ENDLESS 5 minutes, because the bread smells soooo good!) Then slice and eat. (I ended up slicing bread a little thicker when it was warm, but if it’s cool, you can easily make thinner slices… use a bread knife or a Slicer)

german bread online

(You bread bakers out there might wonder if you need to dampen the crust, or add water to the oven to crisp the crust… I tried it both ways, and I asked Christian if it was necessary. The bread comes out with a great crust either way, and Christian says it isn’t needed. But if you want to, go ahead).

Another note- I never put the bread in the microwave (so far I haven’t been in that much of a hurry)… I just let it thaw on the counter.

Like I said, we had the Pumpkin Seed Bread first. The loaf is just the right size to get through in a day or two. I followed the instructions carefully, and in 20 minutes, I was eating my first slice spread with creamy German Butter. Swoon… I could have finished the whole loaf then and there…

german bread online

Since I wanted to get more objective opinions (other than the people around my dinner table), I figured it would be a good idea to let others try some of the bread.  My daughter recently made friends at school with a boy from Germany, so we sent a loaf over to that household to try. The whole family enjoyed the bread, and even said that the breads had the same flavor and texture as breads in Germany.

The crust is crunchy, like it’s straight from the bakery. The next day the crust is a little softer, but that’s normal if you store it in plastic. The texture is good. Firm but tender. You can spread butter on it without the bread tearing or balling up. It’s not “dry”. And the taste… excellent!

While I loved the Pumpkin Seed bread, the other breads are equally as good. The Chia Seed Bread tasted very good with a Bohneneintopf . And the Rustic German Farmer’s bread was perfect with Aufschnitt.

Still, I had one more test. The TOUGHEST test of all….

My parents came to visit, and brought my Aunt and Uncle who were visiting from Germany. For Breakfast, I baked up the loaf of Sunflower Seed Bread. They all SWORE it was as good as what they got in Germany. In fact, when they left… they took the rest of the bread with them. And that night, my German mother gave The Bread Village her highest form of praise. She ordered a box with 4 loaves of  bread!

BUY German Bread Online from The Bread Village

Now you can get German Bread and BRÖTCHEN!

Edit- Since publishing this, I was able to try the Brötchen. While it’s not the same as walking into your favorite bakery in Germany, they are tasty!

german bread online

Order HERE—> https://breadvillage.com/

german bread online


  1. Why you charge so much money for a loaf of bread…? $5.99 is far to much and you have to bake it yourself. I pay for a 5 lb rustic german bread $12. That mean that 5 lb of your bread would cost $30 and on top you have to bake it…? I am german and i don’t think that the flour cost more just to bake a german bread.


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