German Christmas Treats from All Tastes German

German Christmas Treats is a wonderful little cookbook from the website All Tastes German. I stumbled across the site, and the cookbook, completely by chance, and I’m just delighted that I did. There are over 40 recipes in the book, and each one is a gem. And this year they’ve added 4 new recipes!! Honestly, I could do all of my Christmas baking with just this book! All of my favorites are here… cookies, Stollen, Christmas drinks and even Pralines (including Rumkugeln, so I can finally stop bugging my mom to give me her recipe!).

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German Christmas Treats

German Christmas Treats

This spiral bound cookbook ticks all the boxes. The recipes are written in clear and straightforward style. Each step is quite simple, so there’s no panicking about HOW what to do next!. I love that there are appetizing photos of each recipe. I know that it’s an added expense, so not all cookbooks bother… but it really makes a difference for me in deciding what to make (and knowing what the final result should look like). Best of all, the recipes have both the German AND the English name, so you can find the recipe you are looking for… whether you remember what your Oma called it, or you just have a memory of flavors.

And what recipes will you find? All of my favorite German Christmas cookies are here… Spritz Cookies, Kokosmacronen (Coconut Macaroons) and even Pfeffernüsse and my favorite Engelsaugen (Angel Eyes, those yummy jam filled cookies!). For those of you who are addicted to Stollen Bites... you are in trouble now, because making them is a lot easier than you think! You even get a recipe for Marzipan to add to your Stollen… or for making Marzipankartoffeln. And much to my amazement, there is even a recipe for Nougat! (I’m going to need bigger stretchy pants!!). To wash all of these goodies down, you will find recipes for Glühwein, Winterpunsch and even Eierlikör… mmmmmmm.

This year they’ve added some great new recipes! Spekulatius Spread (for filling cookies, spreading on toast, or just eating with a spoon), a Home-Made Lemon and Orange peel recipe (because the store bought ones lack flavor), and (my favorite) a Rum Base for drinks (Turn EVERY cup of tea or glass of wine into Glühwein!). There’s also a new recipe for a NussStollen that is perfect for anyone who doesn’t really care for Marzipan (me). The filling is mixed nuts, cocoa and rum… the flavors are heavenly. (And you can eat it right from the oven!)

german christmas treats

Baking German Christmas Recipes in America

What’s tricky about baking German Christmas goodies in the United States is getting the measurements right, and finding all of the ingredients and flavors that are so common in German stores, but maybe not always available in your local grocery. Angela Schofield and Thomas Jaeger have taken the baking  recipes from your Oma’s kitchen and  made them completely accessible for the American Kitchen. Of course, that is what they do! Their company All Tastes German is all about teaching German Cooking, and even have a German Cooking Class!

german christmas treats

More Than JUST a Cookbook

When you order German Christmas Treats, you get more than just a lovely cookbook, also included is access to the private Facebook group, and the author’s private email addresses, so you can ask them directly ANY questions you may have. It’s almost like having a private chef working over your shoulder!


ORDER TODAY –> German Christmas Treats

german christmas treats

This special little Christmas Recipe book is available only for a short time, so be sure to grab it up quick!

german christmas treats

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