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German St Patrick’s Day Bier Stein Giveaway!

German St Patrick’s Day Bier Stein Giveaway!


 CuckooClocks.com invites you all to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in STYLE

To help you do that, they are sponsoring a St Patrick’s Day  Bier Stein Giveaway!

Cuckoo Clocks st patrick's day

Some of you may be wondering, “What does St Patrick’s Day have to do with Germany?”

Well…both the Irish AND the Germans have an established reputation for Beer Drinking. And celebrating Saint’s days is fairly common in both Ireland and Germany.
But to me, the most important connection is my Uncle Arnie. (OK, the Uncle part is honorary.)

Uncle Arnie, my god-father, is married to my Bavarian god-mother, Tante Annemarie. And while he was tossed into our little California German Friendship group (head first), he always managed to keep his Irish roots intact. NO ONE tells stories and jokes like Uncle Arnie, complete with an affected Irish Brogue. (And no one enjoys Oktoberfest more.)

The mix of Irish and Bayrisch is absolutely awesome! For him, we celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

Whether you say “Sláinte!” or “Prost!” it’s all about the Beer, and thanks to CuckooClocks.com, it’s also about the Stein!

A little bit about German Beer Steins

The word “Stein” refers to “Steingut”, which is an earthenware pottery, so calling a beer container a STEIN, implies that it’s made from stoneware or earthenware.

Today in the US, we still refer to the Beer Mugs “Steins”, although they can be made from Porcelain, Ceramic, Wood, and even Glass or Crystal (be careful about enthusiastic toasting!). Because of these new materials, manufacturers created beautifully decorated Steins covered in designs like castles, herald symbols, bucolic countryside scenes, animals and more.

CuckooClocks.com  website has over 400 Beer Steins to choose from! One for each day of the year, and 2 on Sunday!

German Beer Stein cities 1 literGerman Beer Stein cities 1 literCuckooClocks.comGerman Beer Stein Munich Stein 0.5 literGerman Beer Stein Munich Stein 0.5 literCuckooClocks.com


And to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day, YOU can win a Fabulous Stein from CuckooClocks.com

PLUS- Cuckooclocks.com is offering all my readers a 10% discount to use on their site – use code CUCKOO10 at checkout, valid until 30/06/2021.

Enter the St Patrick’s day Bier Stein Giveaway HERE

CuckooClocks.com St Patrick’s Day Stein Giveaway


  1. We have had a cuckoo clock for decades now. Love it and would miss the sound
    if it ever stops.

  2. I am a collector of steins. ♡ They will be passed on to my four children and grandchildren once I’m gone.


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