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I’ve Got German Roots Coffee Mug

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German Girl in America

I’ve Got German Roots Coffee Mug


Let the world know “I’ve Got German Roots!”

This delightful mug features many of the iconic symbols that we love about Germany… Cuckoo Clocks, Alpine Flowers like Edelweiss, Pretzels, Bier Steins, and the German Flag.

One of our many great German Gifts Ideas!

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This standard sized Coffee Mug is decorated on the front and back with the words “I’ve Got German Roots”. On the side is an image of crossed German Flags over Alpine Flowers, with a Germany banner above it. The inside wall of the mug depicts crossed German Flags.

The mug is a standard sized Coffee Mug, standing 3 3/4 inches tall, and holds about 8oz. liquid.

Dishwasher safe.

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I’ve Got German Roots Coffee Mug


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