Tchibo Coffee Machine Review- Like a Coffee Shop on My Counter

The Tchibo company recently sent me an amazing new Tchibo Coffee machine to try here at home, and I LOVE it. The compact machine grinds and brews a perfect cup of coffee with the touch of a button. And first thing in the morning, when I’m not quite awake, a button is about all I can handle. Having a Tchibo Machine on my kitchen counter is like having my own personal barista! Let me tell you a little more about my experience, and share my Tchibo Coffee Machine Review with you…

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Tchibo Coffee Machine Review

The Tchibo Coffee Machine reminds me of the coffee machines you find in the Breakfast room of a German Hotel (only the sleek and simple-to-use machine is small enough to tuck neatly under the kitchen cabinet). Three choices are lit …2 sizes of coffee (6 and 8 oz.), and one for a 2 oz. espresso. Once the machine is turned on (it shuts down automatically to conserve power) all you need to do is place a coffee cup on the ledge and press the preferred button. You’ll hear a buzzing whirring sound while the beans are ground… then the cup will fill.

You end up with a perfect cup of coffee. Complete with the crema on top.

(note- crema is the flavorful brownish foam that you’ll find on a coffee or espresso that’s been brewed under high pressure. Your regular coffee machine can’t do that)

Tchibo coffee machine review

Brewing a cup of coffee could not be easier. Once you set the machine up, it’s just the touch of a button. Each cup comes out HOT, and exactly as you want it.

Since it brews one cup at a time, the Tchibo machine is quicker than my old coffee pot. And you don’t end up with extra in the pot that stews away for half of the morning.

Now, I know that there are pod machines that brew one cup at a time, but then you have to deal with the waste from empty pods. The Tchibo doesn’t use pods, not even a reusable one. It’s all done in the machine (I imagine a tiny barista inside pressing the grounds into place).

The Tchibo Automatic Coffee & Espresso MachineThe Tchibo Automatic Coffee & Espresso MachineTchibo US


How does the Tchibo Coffee Machine work?

The Tchibo coffee machine arrives complete and ready to go. (Although it’s a good idea to wash out the water reservoir…and when your machine arrives there will be a cleaning brush in the tank. Take it out.)

The water reservoir slides in at the top back. Just lift it out, and fill it with water to the Max line. We generally get 5 or 6 cups of coffee from a filled reservoir, depending on the size of cups I’m brewing. Set the filled container back in place: when it’s flush with the top it’s set correctly.

Tchibo coffee machine review

The beans are stored in an airtight grinder on top of the machine (in front of the water). For maximum freshness, it’s suggested that you only pour in as many beans as you expect to use in a day.

Tchibo coffee machine review

If you want to add more beans, attach the included extender; it rises around 1 1/2 inches and easily holds half a bag of beans.

Tchibo coffee machine review


Fill the machine with water and beans any time. The beans are stored airtight, and they keep fresh for days.

When you are ready to use the machine, press the power button on the side, then wait a moment for the machine to heat the water and send it through the system. You can catch this water in your cup (to pre-warm your cup) or let it go into the drip tray.

Now comes the hardest part… what size do you want? Regular coffee cup 6oz., or mug 8 oz. You can also hit the beans button to increase the strength of your brew.

Put your cup under the adjustable spout… which goes up and down to accommodate larger cups…and press the appropriate button.

Whirr…bzzzz…. and then shhhhuusssshhh, as your cup fills with delicious Tchibo Coffee. Bliss.

Tchibo coffee machine review

Great Coffee that you can enjoy at home in your pajamas.

Cleaning the Tchibo Machine

How can you tell the Tchibo machine is German? It’s easy to clean. You can give it a wipe without worrying about the nooks and crevices to catch drips or grounds. The drip tray attaches to the machine with magnets, so it comes off with the slightest tug, and can be poured out or rinsed.

When you see the grounds light, you know it’s time to clear out the grounds receptacle. No problem, it tucks in behind the drip tray. You’ll end up with a small bowl of grounds to put in your organics bin or compost. The only other maintenance is rinsing the brewing unit with warm water once a week. Easy.

Tchibo coffee machine review

Why go out for coffee when the Tchibo Machine will brew that perfect cup for you.

Order your Tchibo Machine here->

I have a black machine, but you can also order a Tchibo Coffee Machine in Silver or Burgundy (oooohhhhh…. Burgundy!)

Each new machine comes with 3 bags of Tchibo Rost Frisch Coffee- you can pick from your favorite blend.

FREE SHIPPING for all machines!

The Tchibo Automatic Coffee & Espresso MachineThe Tchibo Automatic Coffee & Espresso MachineTchibo US

The Tchibo Machine isBEST with Tchibo Coffee!

When Opa sent packages from Germany he always included Tchibo coffee. What’s the difference? It’s a mellower roast, that’s never bitter. Today we don’t have to wait for overseas packages… Tchibo.US sells their full line of coffees online at great prices!

Tchibo included The Rost Frisch Morning Blend in my order. With a bump to the beans button, it’s a nice wake up in the morning, without burning my stomach. And it’s mellow enough for an afternoon cup. All are available in Whole Bean or Ground Bean packages.

Classic Roast Röst Frisch Classic Blend Whole Bean 12ozClassic Roast Röst Frisch Classic Blend Whole Bean 12ozTchibo USDark Roast Röst Frisch Röstmeister Whole Bean 12ozDark Roast Röst Frisch Röstmeister Whole Bean 12ozTchibo USLight Roast Röst Frisch Morning Blend Whole Bean 12ozLight Roast Röst Frisch Morning Blend Whole Bean 12ozTchibo US

For my mother they included Feine Milde. This is the mild roast coffee that you can drink all day, and still sleep at night. Order whole bean or ground coffee in single packs, triple bundle, or even a case of 9.

Light Roast Feine Milde Whole Bean 17.6ozLight Roast Feine Milde Whole Bean 17.6ozTchibo USLight Roast Feine Milde Ground Coffee 17.6ozLight Roast Feine Milde Ground Coffee 17.6ozTchibo US

Mild coffee, stronger coffee, even espresso ...You can find the perfect coffee for your kitchen at Tchibo. 

Dark Roast Barista Espresso 17.6ozDark Roast Barista Espresso 17.6ozTchibo USMedium Roast Caffé Crema Intense 17.6ozMedium Roast Caffé Crema Intense 17.6ozTchibo US2 x 1 KG Packs Barista Variety Pack2 x 1 KG Packs Barista Variety PackTchibo USLight Roast Privat Kaffee African Blue 17.6ozLight Roast Privat Kaffee African Blue 17.6ozTchibo USMedium Roast Exclusive Ground Coffee Decaf 8.8ozMedium Roast Exclusive Ground Coffee Decaf 8.8ozTchibo USMedium Roast Gold Selection 8.8ozMedium Roast Gold Selection 8.8ozTchibo USMedium Roast Family 8.8ozMedium Roast Family 8.8ozTchibo US


And don’t forget to take advantage of the deals on their monthly special bundles!! If you subscribe to your favorite coffee, you can save 10%

Röst Frisch Variety Pack Ground Coffee 3x 12ozRöst Frisch Variety Pack Ground Coffee 3x 12ozTchibo US


Complete you Home Coffee House Experience with a Milk Frother

You will never leave home for coffee again….

Induction milk frotherInduction milk frotherTchibo US




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