The Camera Graphic Minimalist Transportation Map of Berlin

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Sometimes you just get lucky and find that perfect gift for someone, for my daughter, who spent a semester studying in Berlin, it is a minimalist map of the S and U Bahn system. Once she got back home to California, she taped her battered map to her wall as a memory. I was just able to upgrade it for her with this striking print.  The Camera Graphic shop makes minimalist transportation maps for cities all over the world. Currently, the only Germany maps are of Berlin and Munich… but I am told that Frankfurt is coming soon!

Minimalist Transportation Maps

If you’ve spent ANY time in Berlin, you get familiar with the train system. (My Katy spent at least 1 1/2 hours per day on trains… she still rides them in her sleep). The Camera Graphic images show the simple beauty of the overlapping routes using strong colors.  No, you don’t have all the stops listed (that would defeat the purpose of minimalism) but the route is clear to anyone who has ever sat on one of those trains.
the camera graphic

Looking at the selection, it’s interesting to see which cities have more coverage ... Tokyo looks like a plate of spaghetti! And which ones are … um… lacking….(you might want to step up your game Atlanta!)

camera graphic

Munich Transportation Map

Jake Kerr, the human behind the graphics, started out a few years ago with a Bay Area map after spending LOADS of time on BART (I can relate, so can my Katy). There is a simple beauty to these systems. His company has expanded to cover transportation in cities around the globe. (And if we all get loud enough, more cities in Germany will get Transportation maps with in the Camera Graphic style too!).  And maybe he’ll do some cool minimal prints of German Castles or Mountains (I really like that scene of the Nordic Mountains).

All posters come in 4 different sizes. Even better, they are the standard sizes that fit standard frames in the US. You can order them with or without the printed name at the bottom.

Coming soon… T-shirts with Transit Maps!!

the camera graphic

Check out the Camera Graphic online shop here–>

The Camera Graphic Shop

transportation maps


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