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Smashing a few German Stereotypes – Or Just Clearing them Up

I’ve come out from behind my computer keyboard a few times lately to do promotion for various projects, and as a result, I’m being asked some strange questions. Now, I realize that stereotypes come from somewhere… but you would think that a few of these German people stereotypes would just vanish because of their ridiculousness. […]

Germanology Unlocked- Old German Handwriting & Genealogy

What Does a German Look Like? Dealing with Stereotypes

  I’ve been thinking about stereotypes a lot lately… and what does a German look like? Whenever Germans are portrayed in advertising, or in festival invitations, they always seem to be wearing Lederhosen or Dirndls. But, as I’m reminded EVERY TIME I post such a photo, that is not how the typical German looks or […]

Traditional German Dirndl- History & Where to Buy a Dirndl

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