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What is Gemuetlichkeit? Trying to define an indefineable German Concept

When I arrive on my Aunt’s doorstep in Germany, she greets me with “Kommt ‘rein… mach’s euch Gemütlich!”(come in, make yourself gemütlich) and on family evenings instead of making plans my mother might say, “Wir machen uns Heute Abend Gemütlich” (tonight we will make ourselves gemütlich). A small well appointed room is described as “Gemuetlich”, […]

German American Festival and Events for August

What is German Unity Day – Tag der Deutschen Einheit

What is German Unity Day or the Tag der Deutschen Einheit? This National Holiday is the celebration of when Germany unified into ONE whole country. For 41 years, Germany was split between the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and the Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany). They existed as two separate nations. On November […]

Ostara and Easter- A Legend that May be Younger than You Think

What is the Sandmaennchen? A little Man who Sent German Kids to Dream

When the Wall separating East Germany from West Germany fell, many of the icons produced by the East vanished. There is one BIG exception. The Sandmännchen. What is the Sandmaennchen? And how did he continue to thrive despite his East German origins? This little figure with a long goatee and pointed cap captured the hearts […]

The Linden tree in Germany – The Tree at the Heart of Germany

What is a Schrebergarten or Kleingarten? Germany’s Little Gardens

You are traveling along in Germany, and suddenly on the side of the railroad tracks, there is a cluster of fenced in tiny houses surrounded by small gardens. Are these actual homes? Are they campground for seasonal workers? Is this where the Garden Gnomes live when they aren’t in your garden?? Actually, these little plots […]

The Gäubodenmuseum- 7000 years of History in Straubing, Germany

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