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How to Make Leberkase at HOME! Easy Homemade Leberkase

How to Make Leberkase at HOME! Easy Homemade Leberkase


Thanks to Skip, I now have the key to my daughter’s unending happiness… he shared with me the recipe and technique for How to Make Leberkase! Of course, nothing is easier than going to a German Butcher or German Deli and buying it… but what if you are in an are where there just isn’t one? Also, buying Leberkase can get a bit expensive. My Oma would laugh to think of Leberkase as a gourmet delicacy, but that is how the price seems.

What IS Leberkäse?

For those who stumbled onto this page wondering what the heck Leberkase even IS… let me start by saying it’s neither Liver (Leber) or Cheese (Käse). The name goes back to an old usage of the word Laib, which means loaf. But why Käse? Think about Headcheese, which does not contain cheese… (Frankly, it’s confusing, so stick with me). Leberkäse is loaf shaped, and made from finely ground meat that’s seasoned and baked. Sort of a fine meatloaf. (Some people say it’s like Bologna, and you could call it a relative, but the flavor is less salty and more… um… refined. )

Making your own Leberkase is cheaper, than buying it from a German-American Metzger, and you have control of what goes in to the recipe. Or, like Skip, you can add extras to make your own signature Leberkase Recipe.

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How to Make Leberkase

Follow this Recipe to make Leberkase at HOME

How to Make Leberkase at HOME! Easy Homemade Leberkase

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how to make leberkase


  • 600g (1.32 lbs)- Ground Beef
  • 400g (.88 lbs)- Ground Pork
  • 100g (.22 lbs) Pork Belly or Bacon
  • 100g (.22 lbs) Liver
  • 1-2 tsp (1 if you use BACON) Kosher Salt
  • 1 tsp White Ground Pepper
  • 2 Tbsp Corn Starch
  • 2 Tbl. Marjoram ( GO HEAVY, HEAPING.... really this is where the flavor is!)
  • 2 Medium Onions
  • 1 tsp. Pink Salt #1 OR Morton's Curing Salt
  • 500 gr. Ice


  • This now all gets run through a food processor. You can use a blender or hand grinder, but the texture will not be as smooth.
  • 500g of ice is used, dropping a few cubes (3) at a time, to keep the meat cool. I feel the side of the bowl and when it starts to feel like its warming up, I add a few more ice cubes.
  • Note, I like to run mine for at least an hour (each batch). I will stop and take the bowl off the processor and place it in the refrigerator and give the processor a break to cool down. I have a 14 cup Food Processor and all these ingredients will make 2 batches that get processed. I just try to half everything I run through the processor. The more time you give Processing, the more smoother (texture like bologna)
  • I place all the processed batches in a bowl and by hand mixed the 2 batches together. This is where you can add any thing you want; red peppers and or green, chunks of cheese, olives etc. you can be creative. (I used a whole Red Pepper in this one. Each and every one I have made now has been different with what I throw into it.)
  • Put mixture into 2 loaf pans.


You can add bits of chopped red pepper for added flavor and a nice red speckle through the loaf.



Gourmet Food

how to make leberkase

At this point, you can eat it… warm or cold… or slice and fry it, maybe even with an egg on top.

When I was a child,  having Leberkäse for dinner was a special treat. My mom would slice up the loaf (or get it sliced by the guys at Hickory Sweet, and fry the slices until they browned just a bit. So good. Later I learned that you could also bake the loaf, and serve the slices warm and pink. Also delicious!

I’m sure purists would insist that it be served one way or the other… but to me, either way tastes fabulous warm or cold.

(The only time I ever didn’t care much for Leberkäse was when I got it in a restaurant rolled in breadcrumbs and fried like a Wienerschnitzel… but that’s just me, I’m sure you could give it a try).

Where to find Curing Salt

You need Curing Salt to make it work

Pink Curing Salt #1 (2lb Prague Powder) by Anthony's, Verified Gluten-FreePink Curing Salt #1 (2lb Prague Powder) by Anthony’s, Verified Gluten-FreePink Curing Salt #1 (2lb Prague Powder) by Anthony's, Verified Gluten-FreeMorton Tender Quick Home Meat Cure - 2 lbMorton Tender Quick Home Meat Cure – 2 lbMorton Tender Quick Home Meat Cure - 2 lb


Leberkäse to go!


how to make leberkase