Celebrating Advent

Countdown to Christmas With a Playmobil Advent Calendar

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. One year when my kids were little, their Oma gave them a Playmobil Advent Calendar. This had to be the exciting HIT of the Season. Imagine, every day, a box containing a little Playmobil part would be opened (they took turns… ) and the piece would be added to the scene that was developing […]


German Meals at Oma’s by Gerhild Fulson- My Favorite German Foods!

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German Meals at Oma’s: Traditional Dishes for the Home Cook Recently Gerhild Fulson, who is the force behind Just Like Oma (aka Quick German Recipes) and one of my favorite German Recipe Bloggers sent me a copy of her new cookbook German Meals at Oma’s: Traditional Dishes for the Home Cook to preview.  It immediately jumped […]


All About Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars! (and a Visit to Bunte Schokowelt!)

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“Quadratisch Praktisch Gut”…. Square Practical Good… I can’t think of a more German slogan for a company than the one used for Ritter Sport Chocolate bars. Ritter Sport bars are famously square, so it’s the perfect size for your pocket (practical!) And good… That might be a vast understatement. Now, you don’t find Ritter Sport […]


Start a Family Tradition- Ravensburger Christmas Puzzles

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Every year we bring out a new Ravensburger Christmas Puzzle to work on during the days and nights leading up to Christmas. A table is set up, and the pieces are sorted (edge verses middle)… and off we go. Ravensburger …the German company based in Ravensburg… makes high quality puzzles with beautiful Christmas images. They […]

German Games and Toys

Steiff Stuffed Animals – Toys to Love for a Lifetime

Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Light Brown 10 Like so many German kids, I was lucky enough to have a few stuffed Steiff Stuffed Animals & Plush toys. A  small Dog with a blue collar and a bell, an Owl, and a Goldfish. One very memorable Christmas, I found a Steiff Bear sitting in the […]