Celebrating Advent

German Girl in America Advent Contest 2018

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It’s been such a GREAT year here at German Girl in America… and we’ve decided that it’s time to celebrate with a fabulous Advent Contest! Each Sunday in Advent, we will be awarding a special prize. Winners will be chosen weekly at noon (Pacific Time) on the Advent Sundays, and the winner will be notified […]


German Rum Balls Recipe from All Tastes German

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Rumkugeln, German Rum Balls,  have always been my favorites. Just the smell makes me all weak in the knees! When I was a child, my mother would only make them at Christmas. Just one batch. And I would watch and wait for the chance to lick the bowl and the spoon. (I think part of […]


All About Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars! (and a Visit to Bunte Schokowelt!)

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“Quadratisch Praktisch Gut”…. Square Practical Good… I can’t think of a more German slogan for a company than the one used for Ritter Sport Chocolate bars. Ritter Sport bars are famously square, so it’s the perfect size for your pocket (practical!) And good… That might be a vast understatement. Now, you don’t find Ritter Sport […]


What is the Sandmaennchen? A little Man who Sent German Kids to Dream

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When the Wall separating East Germany from West Germany fell, many of the icons produced by the East vanished, mostly because something different already existed in the West, and the Wessi got to keep its job. There is one BIG exception. The Sandmännchen. What is the Sandmaennchen? And how did he continue to thrive despite […]

German Games and Toys

    Steiff Stuffed Animals – Toys to Love for a Lifetime

    Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Light Brown 10 Like so many German kids, I was lucky enough to have a few stuffed Steiff Stuffed Animals & Plush toys. A  small Dog with a blue collar and a bell, an Owl, and a Goldfish. One very memorable Christmas, I found a Steiff Bear sitting in the […]