How to make a German Plum Cake (Pflaumenkuchen) Two Ways!

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  Seems like whenever you are invited to coffee in a German household in Summertime, you will find a German Plum Cake on the table. Such a wonderful summertime dessert… a bit tart, a bit sweet, delicious to eat… nice enough for a Sunday Coffee… but easy enough for every day. It’s even Yummy for […]

Delicious Recipes

How to Schwenker Grill- Where to find a Schwenker Grill, How to Use it, and a delicious Schwenkbraten Recipe!

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Somewhere in my mom’s photo albums is a photo of my Uncle using his German Schwenker Grill. He took his job very seriously (we kids weren’t allowed to fool with it). And it took a long time for dinner to be ready on this crazy looking contraption, because my Uncle took his job seriously, and […]


Recipe for Aperol Spritz

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  This summer I’ve spent far too much time playing “this time last year I was…”. You know the game. Here we are at home, the sun is shining, and I just keep imagining that little restaurant in Bamberg where we spent an evening relaxing over drinks while people watching. And of course, to help […]

Traditional German Clothing

What is a Gamsbart? A Plume to wear with your Bavarian Tracht

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The first time I heart the word Gamsbart… I completely misunderstood. I heard “Gansbart” (Goose Beard) and figured that the person telling me about them had completely lost their mind. (Although…In a way, I wasn’t THAT far off…). So, what is a Gamsbart? This special hat decoration that looks like an old fashioned shaving brush […]


What to do with Red Currants! Recipes and Growing Tips

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A few years ago I was in Germany with my kids, staying with my Aunt and Uncle. My littlest one was 4, and was absolutely enchanted by my Tante Anne’s kitchen garden. She was especially enamored with Red Currants. Every day she went to the kitchen to ask for “her” little clear plastic bowl, and […]

German Games and Toys

Steiff Stuffed Animals – Toys to Love for a Lifetime

Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Light Brown 10 Like so many German kids, I was lucky enough to have a few stuffed Steiff Stuffed Animals & Plush toys. A  small Dog with a blue collar and a bell, an Owl, and a Goldfish. One very memorable Christmas, I found a Steiff Bear sitting in the […]