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Eierlikör Torte Recipe – Perfect for Easter or the Kaffeeklatsch

Eierlikör Torte Recipe – Perfect for Easter or the Kaffeeklatsch

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I am not a trained baker. What I am is a woman who loves to eat baked goods, so I started baking at home. I had a theory… If I have to bake it myself, I won’t eat as much, because it will take time/energy to create delicious baked goods, and I’m a bit lazy by nature. It turns out that baking isn’t that hard. Decorating is hard,  and despite the community center adult education class, my results look a bit amateurish. Keeping ALL that in mind. I decided to tackle on of my favorite German Tortes. This Eierlikör Torte Recipe showed up as eye candy in Mein Schönes Land magazine. The base is just a chocolate cake fortified with ground almonds, and the frosting? whipped Cream. What makes this Torte special (and the part that gave me the most trouble) is the Eierlikör.

Eierlikor torte

Where can you get Eierlikör in the United States?

It’s funny to me that Eierlikör isn’t a common tipple in America. It’s sweet, rich, and makes a delightful dessert topping. You can buy it under the name Verpoorten Advocaat Egg Liqueur. Or, you can make your own using this quick Recipe–> Eierlikör Recipe (note- this recipe uses raw eggs)

The original recipe calls for pouring Eierlikör over the whipped cream topped cake (that’s why you put the tufts of cream around the edges, it holds the liqueur in). Fine, easy, no problem… Until you slice into the cake. Then it pours off….

Still delicious, but messy (and the first slice gets most of the Eierlikör)

Eierlikor Torte Recipe

How to fix this problem?

I started out playing with Gelatin. But it’s fussy. Too much, and the topping turns into rubber. Too little, and it still runs. If you are a Gelatin expert.. go for it! (Then let me know how you did it)

What I finally landed on for the best flavor? Pour the Eierlikör over the cake, then put it into the refrigerator. (Ideally overnight, but 4 hours should do it.) When you slice into the cake, you might still get some dripping, but it’s not nearly as much. This is a cake for family. It may not win you first prize at a contest (or even a photo in a magazine… ) but the taste will take you back to a Kaffeeklatsch in Germany.

eierlikör torte recipe


One more thing…  like many German Cakes, this one is not oversweet and spongy like a Birthday Cake you get from the store. Serve it with coffee, maybe extra whipped cream for anyone who wants it (or heck, put a small pitcher of Eierlikör on the table and let people go nuts). The original cake is made with 2 Tbl of powdered sugar in the cream… I bumped it to 4 Tbl for my people. Go higher if the people in your world love sweet.

By the way, if you are looking for a quick and super EASY Eierlikör cake, try my Eierlikör KUCHEN… You bake it in a Bundt Pan, and it’s delightful with berries!

Step by Step…To walk you through….
What this Cake Looks Like When I’m Making It

Whip the egg whites to soft peaks

egg whites

Fold it into the chocolate mixture a little at a time.
This lightens the chocolate… and gives the cake lift

eierlikör torte recipe
When it’s mixed in, it will look like this

eierlikör torte recipe


Bake 35 minutes. Don’t OVERBAKE! 
Test with a toothpick. If it comes out clean, the cake is done

eierlikör torte recipe

I flattened the top by cutting much of the dome with a serrated knife
A passing child got to enjoy the the top piece

eierlikör torte recipe

Lightly Sweetened Whipped Cream goes on the top and sides… smooth with a spatula
(an offset spatula is perfect for this, a regular one will do)

eierlikör torte recipe

Shave chocolate curls from a chocolate bar using a potato peeler

eierlikör torte recipe

Sprinkle on the sides of the cake
Make sure your fingers are cold… you can tip the cake a bit for a better angle
(And any sprinkles that land on the top of the cake can be wiped off)

eierlikör torte recipe

Now pipe rosettes or blobs around the edge of the top of the cake

eierlikör torte recipe

It should look like this (hopefully better!)

eierlikör torte recipe

Carefully spoon the Eierlikör into the center of the cake to cover the whipped cream

eierlikör torte recipe

It could happen that some squeezes through the whipped cream… no problem, just plug the hole with more cream!

eierlikör torte recipe
Decorate with chocolate eggs or whatever makes you happy
Refrigerate for at LEAST 4 hours (or overnight)

Then Serve….

eierlikör torte recipe

eierlikör torte recipe


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