German Potato Salad Recipes e-Book

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German Potato Salads recipe booklet


While researching and collecting German Style Potato Salad Recipes, I came to an indisputable conclusion. There are as many recipes and variations of
German Potato Salad Recipes as there are German Omas. Seriously… the only common denominator that ALL of these recipes have?

You have to boil the potatoes.

Potato Salad Recipes in Germany can be cold or hot… made with vinegar or mayonnaise…can have pickles, bacon, egg, other veggies, or even fruit. They
can be made with big chunks of potato, or smaller bits that almost look like mashed potato. Germans don’t even all use the same type of Potato!

This book will give you some insight into the world of German Potato Salads and see if they compare to your Oma’s.

Or just try them all for your summer salad season.

A dozen recipes for your taste delight. For a bargain price.


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