Where to buy Lederhosen- Authentic Lederhosen for Men and Women

Shop for Authentic German Lederhosen men and women will look great in. Find a variety of different styles and colors for Men,  from the traditional Short pants or Bundhosen with suspenders, to the new belted style. You will also find German Lederhosen Women can wear! Standard shorts, longer short pats, and even a hotpants style. Colors range from dark browns to tans… and even stand out colors like greens and reds. With so many to choose from, you can stand out and show off your style, even if you are wearing traditional clothes. Lederhosen have a long history in Germany, why not join in the story! (Cover image of Women’s Lederhosen- Schöneberger Trachten Woman’s Red Bergrose Lederhosen)

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Buying Lederhosen

Fortunately, not all good quality Lederhosen cost so much. Thanks to the resurgence of interest in traditional clothing, companies are making and selling fashion forward Lederhosen at a reasonable price. And the resurgence of interest in Lederhosen and Bavarian Tracht allows designers to create new “modern” styles that look great. Different cuts, new colors, even Lederhosen without suspenders.


If you are shopping for Lederhosen, there are a few things to consider-

They should fit a little tight, but not pinch when you buy them. Leather gives, and you don’t want a baggy bottom!

Regular Lederhosen end just above the knee. Bundhosen look more like those French culottes, and end below the knee.

Deer skin is the most expensive, but they are also the softest. When you buy a pair of these, you are buying a pair of Lederhosen to last a lifetime. Krüger and Stockerpoint make them using traditional tanning methods.
Goatskin are authentic, but a step down from deer. They will wear in decently so they are comfortable. No one will turn their nose up at you.
Suede from a cow is a less expensive option, perfect for someone wearing them only to occasional festivals.


Clean and maintain your Lederhosen

After wearing Lederhosen, air them out in a dry place so that the funk blows away.

Brush off any dirt with a special brush or damp cloth.

If there is an actual stain, you need to have them professionally cleaned by a cleaner who knows how to properly handle leather. DO NOT toss your lederhosen in the washing machine!

Order Your Lederhosen Here

Classic Lederhosen from  Bavaria Trachten

Affordable, classically styled Lederhosen designed in Germany, and made from durable cow suede.

Bavaria Trachten offer a 10% discount when you use the code GERMANGIRL

Lederhosen from Bavaria TrachtenLederhosen from Bavaria TrachtenBavaria Trachten


Lederhosen Men Short Antique Waxed BrownLederhosen Men Short Antique Waxed BrownBavaria TrachtenLederhosen Men Short Mushroom BrownLederhosen Men Short Mushroom BrownBavaria TrachtenLederhosen Men Short Oktoberfest TREND 2023 WhiteLederhosen Men Short Oktoberfest TREND 2023 WhiteBavaria Trachten
Lederhosen Men Short Light BrownLederhosen Men Short Light BrownBavaria Trachten

Lederhosen with a Belt instead of suspenders from Alpen Wahnsinn

These new styles are perfect for Lederhosen Donnerstag. Casual, comfortable, and fashion forward. These didn’t come from your Opa’s closet. Alpen Wahnsinn sells Lederhosen made from robust Wildbock (wild goat leather). The company is based in Germany.

Lederhose Herren kurz TRITON - hirse inkl. KoppelgürtelLederhose Herren kurz TRITON – hirse inkl. KoppelgürtelAlpen Wahnsinn!Lederhose Herren kurz CARGO - braun antikLederhose Herren kurz CARGO – braun antikAlpen Wahnsinn!Lederhose Herren kurz HORST - braun mit GürtelLederhose Herren kurz HORST – braun mit GürtelAlpen Wahnsinn!Lederhose Herren kurz SAMUEL - braun inkl. GürtelLederhose Herren kurz SAMUEL – braun inkl. GürtelAlpen Wahnsinn!

Kniebundlederhose VITTORIO II - biber, nutria inkl. GürtelKniebundlederhose VITTORIO II – biber, nutria inkl. GürtelAlpen Wahnsinn!Kniebundlederhose EDMAR - whisky inkl. KoppelgürtelKniebundlederhose EDMAR – whisky inkl. KoppelgürtelAlpen Wahnsinn!

Bundhosen from Bavaria Trachten
Use code GERMANGIRL at checkout for a 10% discount!

Lederhosen Men Kneebound Light BrownLederhosen Men Kneebound Light BrownBavaria TrachtenLederhosen Men Kneebound ChocolateLederhosen Men Kneebound ChocolateBavaria Trachten

Classic Lederhosen Styles from Alpine Classics

Authentic German Lederhosen men will love. Classic quality at reasonable prices.

Marjo Lederhose mit Gürtel und Träger CARL antik brownMarjo Lederhose mit Gürtel und Träger CARL antik brownAlpenClassics DE

Deerskin Lederhosen

Want only the best? These Deerskin Lederhosen from AlpineClassics will last a lifetime.

Maddox Hirschlederhose mit Gürtel HECTOR Hirsch G groedenMaddox Hirschlederhose mit Gürtel HECTOR Hirsch G groedenAlpenClassics DEMaddox Hirschlederhose MATTHIAS Hirsch rauchMaddox Hirschlederhose MATTHIAS Hirsch rauchAlpenClassics DEMaddox Hirschlederhose mit Gürtel HECTOR Hirsch G moorMaddox Hirschlederhose mit Gürtel HECTOR Hirsch G moorAlpenClassics DE

lederhosen for men

Lederhosen for Women

Lederhosen on women is nothing new! Dairy maids have found Lederhosen to be practical for milking for years. Today’s styles are a nicely fitting update, and a fun change when the Dirndl is in the wash.. or if you just prefer pants. You can also find comfortable denim styles in both shorts and Capri length.

Bavaria Trachten now has Lederhosen for Women!

“Traditional Short” Lederhosen, or adorable Hotpants!

Remember to use Coupon Code GERMANGIRL for a 10 % discount!

Lederhosen Women Hotpant Light BrownLederhosen Women Hotpant Light BrownBavaria TrachtenLederhosen Women Hotpant ChocolateLederhosen Women Hotpant ChocolateBavaria Trachtenhttps://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0093/0716/0631/products/Main-3W_2f0da023-501e-4009-8148-2fd6dd9ad56f.webp?v=1659722830https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0093/0716/0631/products/Main-3W_2f0da023-501e-4009-8148-2fd6dd9ad56f.webp?v=1659722830Bavaria TrachtenLederhosen Women Short Pants Light BrownLederhosen Women Short Pants Light BrownBavaria TrachtenLederhosen Women Short Pants Cherry RedLederhosen Women Short Pants Cherry RedBavaria TrachtenLederhosen Women Short Pants ChocolateLederhosen Women Short Pants ChocolateBavaria Trachten

Ladies Lederhosen from Schöneberger Trachten Couture

Love the Denim look!

Women's Original Lederhosen - German Oktoberfest Costumes - Bavarian Hotpants Red Bergrose (6)Women’s Original Lederhosen – German Oktoberfest Costumes – Bavarian Hotpants Red Bergrose (6)Women's Original Lederhosen - German Oktoberfest Costumes - Bavarian Hotpants Red Bergrose (6)Schöneberger Trachten Couture Women's Jugendstil Lederhosen German Ladies Bavarian Hotpants Short (0, Dark Brown)Schöneberger Trachten Couture Women’s Jugendstil Lederhosen German Ladies Bavarian Hotpants Short (0, Dark Brown)Schöneberger Trachten Couture Women's Jugendstil Lederhosen German Ladies Bavarian Hotpants Short (0, Dark Brown)Trachtenjeans HotpantsTrachtenjeans HotpantsTrachtenjeans Hotpants

Denim Lederhosen from Rare Dirndl

These fun and fabulous denim “Lederhosen” for women are a nice alternative to always wearing a dress. Find them in flattering Bermuda and Capri length from Rare Dirndl.

Women's Denim Lederhosen - BermudaWomen’s Denim Lederhosen – BermudaRare DirndlWomen's Denim Lederhosen - CapriWomen’s Denim Lederhosen – CapriRare Dirndl


Fabulous Women’s Lederhosen from Alpen Wahnsinn!

Order these ladies Lederhosen direct from Germany. Cute styles including fun colors, Bermuda length and Bundhosen.

Trachtenlederhose Damen ELSA - fels mit GürtelTrachtenlederhose Damen ELSA – fels mit GürtelAlpen Wahnsinn!Trachtenlederhose Damen FRIEDL - rosé Bunte BlumenstickereiTrachtenlederhose Damen FRIEDL – rosé Bunte BlumenstickereiAlpen Wahnsinn!Trachtenlederhose Damen PORTAL - zederTrachtenlederhose Damen PORTAL – zederAlpen Wahnsinn!Trachtenlederhose Damen PERGA - mandelTrachtenlederhose Damen PERGA – mandelAlpen Wahnsinn!Trachtenlederhose Damen CASSIE - anthrazitTrachtenlederhose Damen CASSIE – anthrazitAlpen Wahnsinn!Trachtenlederhose Damen GAELA - schlamm Mit ReißverschlussTrachtenlederhose Damen GAELA – schlamm Mit ReißverschlussAlpen Wahnsinn!

Maddox Lederhose kurz DAFNE nappato steinMaddox Lederhose kurz DAFNE nappato steinAlpenClassics DEMaddox Lederhose kurz GRUENSEE ziller METIS hellbraunMaddox Lederhose kurz GRUENSEE ziller METIS hellbraunAlpenClassics DEMarjo Trachtenlederhose Kniebund ANTONIA oldyblackMarjo Trachtenlederhose Kniebund ANTONIA oldyblackAlpenClassics DEMaddox Lederhose Bermuda THERESIA antik steinMaddox Lederhose Bermuda THERESIA antik steinAlpenClassics DE


lederhosen for women

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