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My One-of-a-Kind Dirndl from Rare Dirndl

My mother was visiting when the big box from Rare Dirndl arrived. She couldn’t wait to see what was inside, so we tore off the wrapping… and then I lifted the lid and pulled back the tissue. Inside was my special one-of-a-kind Dirndl from Rare Dirndl. Over the years I’ve purchased a few Dirndls, in fact, Erika Neumeyer and Rare Dirndl made my FIRST Dirndl. Since then I’ve ordered another casual fun dirndl, and a few blouses to mix things up,  but THIS one is different. Rich blue brocade fabric on top, dark flowing material on the bottom, folded satin trim around the bodice, piped seams, and a beautiful lacy apron that will never see a day in front of a stove.

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one of a kind dirndl

It’s my dress up dirndl… the “party frock”… the dirndl I can reach for when there are special events. Erika and I chose the fabrics and style with upscale events in mind. At times I find myself attending gatherings where I need to look a bit more polished, and this beautiful dress will never go out of style, and never look out of place. (And if I put on a simpler apron, Viola! a whole new look!).

But YOUR Custom Dirndl will look completely different! I’ve seen dirndls devoted to hobbies, sports teams, favorite events (shark week!), and even Minnie Mouse! Whatever your heart desires, whatever makes you happy… Erika will work with you to create the perfect dirndl that fits you like a glove (and is ANY piece of clothing more flattering to a woman’s figure?)

Warning: Rare Dirndls Increase Confidence

one of a kind dirndl

How the One-of-a-Kind Dirndl works

Although all of Rare Dirndl dirndls are designed by Erika, these Custom Dirndls are special. Only a few are made each year (and there is a waiting list!).  Erika works closely with her clients to make sure you get the dress of your dreams.

Now, if you are like me, the thought of styling a dirndl seems daunting. But Erika makes it simple. You’ll get on a call with her, and she will talk you through your likes, favorite colors, and where you see yourself wearing your dirndl. Then you talk about style, did you know Rare Dirndl has 6 different bodice styles to choose from? and 4 different skirts? (and an apparently infinite number of aprons!)

My focus was more on fabric than styling,  and since my favorite colors are blues and purples, right away Erika sent me images of fabric swatches to choose from. The blue brocade just spoke to me (although, that multi-colored one with the slashes of color intrigued me, and the floral made me think of meadows….).

custom dirndl

Sizing for me was straightforward. I had a Rare Dirndl in my closet, and it fit, but, I did ask for a slight adjustment to give myself a bit more room. No problem!

And then one day this photo showed up in my email…. Fabrics, trim, and the first look at what was coming!


one of a kind dirndl


The Apron Lace felt extra special … Roses are a nod to Silesia, and a similar lace was incorporated into my first dirndl.


rose lace

Because I’ve worn Rare Dirndls before, we were confident about fit. For anyone who might not be sure, Erika does Virtual Fittings. (She’ll even do a zoom measuring session if needed).

Email updates, keep you up to date while you wait.

custom dress

But finally, there’s a photo of YOUR Dirndl. All done up with recommended blouse and jewelry. Here’s your chance to add some great pieces to your collection! And I can not recommend enough getting an extra blouse or two! Especially for those multi-day festivals! (OH! and did I mention a different apron makes it easy to change your look without fuss?)

one of a kind dirndl from Rare dirndl

And then it arrives!

Lovingly wrapped and boxed in a really sturdy box (I swear, I will never get my apron to knot that way again! Luckily, Erika has a video to help…)

Thanks Erika! I absolutely LOVE my Rare Dirndl!!

rare dirndl


Click To Order Your OWN Custom or One of a Kind Rare Dirndl

More about Erika and her 10 Years of Creating Modern Dirndls

Not Just One of a Kind

The next One of a Kind Sale is scheduled for January 2022… Can’t wait that long? Check out the Rare Dirndl website for other options!

The Newest Dirndl Line from Rare Dirndl- Zodiac Dirndl

A different color combination for every Star Sign! Modern and very cool!

Zodiac DirndlZodiac DirndlRare Dirndl


Another Fabulous new Look- the Empress Dirndl

Sleek, modern,  and a bit modest… the Empress Dirndl looks great even without a blouse!

Empress DirndlEmpress DirndlRare Dirndl

Other New Styles- Mystic Mountain and Moon Rising!

Both of these remind me of Summertime Stargazing with my mom…

Mystic Mountain DirndlMystic Mountain DirndlRare DirndlMoon Rising DirndlMoon Rising DirndlRare Dirndl


I’m over the moon about my Dirndl. But Erika and Rare Dirndl create a fabulous selection of modern dirndls to suit every style and taste. As a nod to my frequent travels, I purchased the Globe Trotter Dirndl… because of the MAPS on it. There are florals and prints in all colors, a fabulous Leopard Dirndl, and isn’t the suede bodice on the Heimat Dirndl fabulous!

Rare Dirndl Globe Trotter DirndlRare Dirndl Globe Trotter DirndlRare DirndlRare Dirndl Heimat DirndlRare Dirndl Heimat DirndlRare DirndlRare Dirndl Leopard Dirndl 2.0Rare Dirndl Leopard Dirndl 2.0Rare DirndlPurple and Floral DirndlPurple and Floral DirndlRare Dirndl

Little Black Dirndl

Want to stay simple? As Karl Lagerfeld once said “One is never over or underdressed in a Little Black Dress” … and I KNOW that also applies to the Little Black Dirndl! Simple and gorgeous. Dress it up or down!

Rare Dirndl Little Black DirndlRare Dirndl Little Black DirndlRare Dirndl

Everyday Dirndl

Dirndls started out as everyday wear… so Rare Dirndl brings that back with the Everyday Dirndl. You  read that right… this easy to wear, simple dirndl, can be worn every day. To work, to play, to do laundry (speaking of which, this one is easy to launder). It comes in a rainbow of colors- like blue, teal, red and plum. Best of all it will fit you like a dream. Time for everyone to send the sweatpants back to the gym, and wear the dirndl!

Rare Dirndl Everyday Dirndl Royal BlueRare Dirndl Everyday Dirndl Royal BlueRare Dirndl


Rare dirndl

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