Titan-RT! Crossing the Longest Suspension Bridge in Germany

After spending a lot of time touring old buildings in Quedlinburg, it was time for adventure.  Time for the Titan RT! Now, I don’t do well with heights… all the symptoms, shakes, sweats, nausea, wash over me in a wave. So, what was I doing on the longest suspension bridge in Germany? My fearless partner convinced me it “would be fun”. (Keep in mind, this is a guy who considers the time he hung upside down from a hot air balloon with his news camera to be one of his favorite memories). I made it though! All 458 meters. It helped that even more fearless people were bungee jumping from the cabin at the center of the bridge, and zip-liners were flying past us every few minutes, proving that a simple walk was no big deal.

longest pedestrian suspension bridge in germany


You know what? It WAS fun (in a way that clutching the railing and inwardly cursing people who are jumping up and down on a moving bridge is fun). And it’s a memory I will never forget.

longest pedestrian suspension bridge germany

The Longest Suspension Bridge in Germany

The Titan-RT pedestrian bridge opened in July of 2017 near Oberharz am Brocken in Harz Mountains alongside the Rappode Dam as part of the Harzdrenalin (Harz Adrenalin center). Adrenalin is absolutely the right word for this center of high-up-there fun activities! There’s no real REASON for the suspension bridge to exist, after all, there is a dam with a road and sidewalk running parallel to it, but maybe that’s what’s so cool… it’s just there for the excitement!

longest pedestrian suspension bridge germany

The pedestrian suspension bridge is the longest one of it’s kind. (Apparently other suspension bridges are longer, but this is the longest of this particular kind… I believe the next longest is in China, and that’s a long flight to walk over a bridge, so this one is fine). And it’s constantly in motion with wind, people jumping around, it just moves (yes it does).

The view though… amazing. You see the lake on one side, and far off below you and beyond a river and forests. Speakers playing music were mounted all along the bridge.  And once you are on the bridge, you can stay on it all day if you like. (Which is good, because I had quite a grip on the railing, and it took some coaxing to get me moving… there was a promise of an ice cream).

longest pedestrian suspension bridge germany

The bridge has a see-through grate, so you can look all the way down, over 100 meters, to the water below. You can also see the Gigaswing Pendulum jumpers take off below you. About half-way across the bridge you’ll find a gate that takes you down the stairs to a small cabin that hangs beneath the bridge. That’s where the brave jumpers go to prepare for their leap of faith.

longest pedestrian suspension bridge germany


The fall so far, that they are just a spec in the photo I took through the grate…..


longest pedestrian suspension bridge germany

Overhead the Megazipline sends people FLYING down the hill  two at a time. SCHUUUSSSSSSCCCCHHHHH as they scream by at 85 km/h (that’s 52  miles per hour….) strapped to a string, going downhill! (They wore helmets… safety first!) At over a kilometer long, it’s the longest Double Zipline in Europe! So you can go with a friend.


Fair warning, if you want to take part in the Gigaswing or the Megazipline, you need to get there early, or make a reservation. Sadly, they were already sold out for the day when we arrived. (thank goodness!)

The fall so far, that they are just a spec in the photo I took through the grate.....

The whole area around Harzdrenalin is criss crossed with wander trails. So even if you aren’t excited about getting your heart rate up through fear, you can have a nice walk. Children under age 10 aren’t allowed on the zipline or bungee, but they can go on the bridge. Also, there are a few children’s play areas for climbing and adventuring. Naturally, there are picnic tables and a few take away food places to enjoy a lunch or snack as well. And across the bridge, there are more trails, Segway tours, and something called Wall Running (which involves running straight DOWN a wall).

longest pedestrian suspension bridge in germany

When we got to the end of the bridge, I looked back at how far I had come across the longest suspension bridge in Germany… 458 meters! And then I decided (for the sake of a good photo of course) to walk back across the dam.

Rappode Dam

The is the longest dam in the Harz, and the highest dam in Germany, and was built between 1952 and 1959, when it was officially handed over on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the German Democratic Republic. (Naturally, I needed a closer look at this engineering marvel, the Lake,  and the nice plaque).

Rappode Dam

Titan- RT

Wondering what to do in the Harz? After visiting the witches, and enjoying the architecture, you can soothe the adrenaline junkie you are traveling with by crossing the bridge or doing a zipline…
You will find the Titan-RT pedestrian bridge and Harzdrenalin center about 25 minutes (by car) from Quedlinburg.  For more information about the bridge – Titan-RT

Harzdrenalin is in the same parking lot- Harzdrenalin

titan rt

All in all… a good day of ticking off boxes.

– Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge in Germany
– Longest Dam in the Harz
– Highest Dam in Germany

Next stop… Biggest Cuckoo Clock!


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