Where to Buy German Food Online -German Bread, Sausage, Groceries & More

Wondering where to buy German Food Online? Unfortunately, we don’t all live in a city with a good German Restaurant… and there isn’t a German Deli or German Bakery on every corner. But all is not lost! You can order German food to enjoy at home! Lots of companies sell German Food Online!

Almost everything you buy in German Grocery Store stores can be found for sale online. I’m in the habit of cooking with certain German seasonings and sauces that I just can’t find in an American Supermarket. And honestly, I prefer to snack on real Haribo or Milka. You don’t have to live without Fondor! and packets of Pfanni Knödel are available for a quick side dish.

Fill your kitchen with delicious German Food.

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Where to buy German Food Online

The Brot Box has EXCELLENT Breads and Rolls! Order Here

Authentic German Food on Amazon

Check out this list of Authentic German Food I put together that You can Order Online from Amazon! Prices are competitive, and in some cases, shipping is include in Prime.

–>>  My Favorite German Foods on Amazon

Buy German Food Online

German Shop 24

-German products Galore!! Food, candy, drinks, magazines, Easter Treats, Christmas Decor and MORE. Shipping is a flat rate of $25 from Germany.


The Brot Box

Authentic German breads and Brötchen delivered to finish in your oven. Now selling Müsli, Stollen, and tasty bread spreads

Tchibo Coffee

Authentic German Tchibo coffee. Coffee beans, ground coffee, and instant coffee… as well as Coffee makers and accessories. (read my reviews here-> Tchibo )

german coffee online

Lebkuchen Schmidt

German Lebkuchen, cookies, pralines, and more… shipped from Germany

The EuroStore24- via Bonanza

-German products, including food, teas, baby goods, toiletries and apothecary goods

Cured and Cultivated

-lots of delicious cured meats and sausages… German and Eastern European.


-Langjaeger, Bratwurst, Bavarian Sausages and more.

D’Artagnian Meats

– A great source for quality Goose, Duck, Pork, specialty cuts, sausages, and charcuterie.


-They have a nice selection of German Wines and Spirits


German teas… loose tea leaves, flavored tea in bags, Apotheke Teas for health

$4 off $20+ New Diner Orders! from Grubhub

Find a German Restaurant near you here

Usinger’s Famous Sausage– 
-Bratwurst and Sausage from Milwaukee’s famous store.

Stiglmeier Sausage Company– 
-German Sausage and Aufschnitt (Christa Nigrin Hecker says the Leberkäse is great)

Bavarian Sausage 
-Aufschnitt, Cheese, Christmas items, meat, candy, even clothing!

send gifts to germany

Food Gifts

Gift Baskets Overseas

-Send gift baskets to Germany… a great selection of food, wine, flowers and treats. Pick a created basket, or make your own.


Monthly Subscription Boxes-

Read my review of the different Monthly German Subscription boxes here–> Monthly Food Subscription boxes

German Food Box

This wonderful subscription comes with 6-8 German Food products every month, along with recipes. Discount code GERMANGIRL for a 10% discount!



Looking for German Restaurants in America–>German Restaurants, Bakeries and Delis in America & Canada


where buy german food online

30 thoughts on “Where to Buy German Food Online -German Bread, Sausage, Groceries & More

  1. We make Pischinger Tort every year at Christmas. This requires tortenboden (oblaten) IN the past we were able to get Wetzel oblaten But the vendors we dealt with in the past no longer can get them Kindle please advise on where we can get the or in worst case a recipe to make them

  2. I loved your blog, I am German and proud that you are so excit about our food.

    1. I am German too… and I grew up on it! Of course I love German food. It’s great to be able to show off the diversity, and let people know that it isn’t all meat and potatoes.

  3. I tried your link for the where to find German Restaurants, Bakeries and Delis in America & Canada. None of the links for the states I tried worked.

  4. We have a good German restaurant nearby–Heidelberg Haus, in Hendersonville, NC.

  5. I’m actually looking for a website where I can order Bauern Brot, German delicatessen, Chocolates filled with Asbach Brandy, Liver Pate, smoked Mettwurst, Jagdwurst, Aufschnitt, many Christmas Items, all in one place. Domino Steine, layered with Marzipan, Jells, and Lebkuchen. The whole Item is covered in Chocolate. Friends who tasted them, wanted more. Told them the could get those from the then existent GermanDeli ,com. To every ones sadness, that store closed after being in business for 20 years. That store was located right outside of Dallas, Texas, about a 4 hour drive away from Abilene, TX. We all got our packages within 3 days. That is the kind of store I’m looking for. Karen, do you know of a store were we all can order the Items I mentioned all from one place? Cant barley wait for your answer. If any one can find out where I can find a German store like that, it absolutely would be you.

    1. I’m still looking for one store who sells everything. GermanShop24 is great for most products, but they don’t carry Aufschnitt.
      This week I”m going to be checking out a store that sells meats… Cured and Cultivated… I’ll keep you updated.

      1. You can buy Aufschnitt and sehr gute Wurst bei Bavaria Sausage in Madison Wisconsin they send it to you in no time at all and there is also a very good Place called Stiglmeyer they send you a Katalog with all the good Wurst ec they have

    1. Hello Shirley. I just ordered authentic German Leberwurst (all different kinds of Leberwurst) from Stiglmeier Sausage CO. http://www.stiglmeier,com. E-mail: [email protected]. The people come from Bavaria, learned the trait and opened their own company here in the States. Make sure you order ground shipping, or the S/H is way to much. Got my package within 4 days. The company is located in Wheeling IL I live near Abilene, TX. everything arrived in excellent shape.

      1. Gertraud, Please try Bavarian Sausage Inc. in Fitchburg, WI. bavariasausage.com. They are wonderful. You’ll find your hearts desire there. I order from them each and every Christmas for our family members & of course ourselves. My Mutti was from Berlin and I myself was born in Stuttgart. German in our soul. My brother and I have kept the German Christmas Traditions alive in our homes alone with the American Tradition as well. So you’d say we have two Christmases (Eve and Day). You can’t beat that. :O)
        So, good German food and goodies are a very important part of our celebrations. So, if you are looking for a great place to shop German Food & Goodies…Please check out Bavarian Sausage Inc. you wont be disappointed. They also make their own sausages, German Sausages that is. And, real Brotchens too!
        alles ist gut. :O)

  6. You can also try the shop http://www.thegermanfood.com . in my opinion they are the most cheapest shop. and they give you also the option to receive your package within 1 working day or 4 working days ( thats cheaper for sure). Currently they have not that big assortment, but i hope they will fix it.

  7. I have just moved to TX from the North and I will be ordering my Xmas dinner ingredients from THE ALPINE INC. Honesdale, PA 570 253-5899; http://www.thealpineonline.com. They have an excellent selection of smoked meats and wurst and they mail order.

  8. I am looking for a place that sells Griebenschmalz. Used to get it from GermanDeli, but they are closed.

  9. Looking for Doerffler Hot Dogs, preferably Doerffler Stramme Jungs in cans. Do you know where to order them online?

    1. I’ve been digging… I can’t find a vendor here in the US. WIll keep looking

  10. I still cant find the Asbach brandy filled chocolates nor the Domino Steine. There has got to be a place where I can buy them.The Domino Steine is a big hit for my family and several friends. The ones I’m talking about have jell, then marzipan, a thin layer of Lebkuchen and chocolate. Amazone is to expensive for me. But I have to say, if your looking for authentic German Liver wurst, or Liver pate, Stigelmeier has those. The are a little on the expensive side, but well worth it. The even have authentic Bauern Brot, or farmers bread. Its the same thing. There shipping is quite high, but your items will arrive within no more then 4 days, all in very good shape.

  11. In syracuse,ny we had a german meat market that sold ring bologna, also sold cocktail hotdogs, etc which was made once a week so you placed an order for them. I grew up on these does anyone know where I can get them? Thank-You

    1. I find it at Sprouts… they carry it at Meijers. But you can also check BavariaSausage.com

  12. Looking for a German Bakery that sells Mocha Tortes. In Springfield NJ there use to be a very good one but went out of business years ago. It appears that all the German bakeries in NJ have gone out of business.

  13. I grew up in a German household living with my parents and grandmother. At Christmas, my grandmother used to make all kinds of German cookies and stollen. My favorite treat, though, was the Schnitzbrot that she made. I have found tons of recipes for it online, but have yet to find a site that makes it and can ship to my house. Does anyone know of any store or legitimate site online that can do that? I live in Maryland.

    1. I’ve checked a few sites… but none seem to ship to the US. Maybe someone can help?

  14. You may want to update your list and add the German Sausage Company. They have delicious German Sausages. Been shopping there since 1990. Family owned business. Their website address is: https://germansausageaz.com/
    They are way cheaper in lot’s of the meats they offer. They have free shipping if your order is over 160.00 dollars.
    Some of these sites you have listed here, charge a fortune for shipping, some of them add up to more than the meat you buy.

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