Home German Foods and Recipes Where to Buy German Food Online -German Bread, Sausage, Sweets & More
Where to Buy German Food Online -German Bread, Sausage, Sweets & More

Where to Buy German Food Online -German Bread, Sausage, Sweets & More


Wondering where to buy German Food Online? Unfortunately, we don’t all live in a city with a good German Restaurant… and there isn’t a German Deli or German Bakery on every corner. But all is not lost! You can still get great German food to enjoy at home! There are a number of companies that sell German Food Online!

And it’s not just the big things… I’m in the habit of cooking with certain German seasonings and sauces that I just can’t find in an American Supermarket. And there are times when only a real German Gummi Bear will do! You don’t have to live without Fondor! and Pfanni Knödel are available!  You don’t have to live without Lowensenf. Take a look at some of these sources, and fill your kitchen with delicious German Foods!!

This list is far from complete! We are adding new places all the time!
(If you have ordered from a company that isn’t on the list, let us know… GermanGirlinAmerica@gmail.com)

Go ahead…buy German food Online! Order those Bratwurst, and stock up on that delicious Bread….

Shop World Market

Where to buy German Food Online

Authentic German Food on Amazon

Check out this list of Authentic German Food I put together that You can Order Online from Amazon! Prices are competitive, and in some cases, shipping is include in Prime.

–>>  My Favorite German Food on Amazon

Gourmet Food

There are LOADS of Online German Food Companies that Ship!

German Shop 24-
-German products Galore!! Food, candy, drinks, magazines, Christmas Decor and MORE

-products from all over Europe, including loads of German products

The EuroStore24- via Bonanza
-German products, including food, teas, baby goods, toiletries and apothecary goods

The Bread Village– https://breadvillage.com/
– Great German bread, sent to you partially baked… you finish it at home.

Cured and Cultivated– https://curedandcultivated.com/
-lots of delicious cured meats and sausages… German and Eastern European

Usinger’s Famous Sausage– https://www.usinger.com/
– I just made some of their bratwurst last week!

Stiglmeier Sausage Company–  http://stiglmeier.com/
-German Sausage and Aufschnitt (Christa Nigrin Hecker says the Leberkäse is great)

Bavarian Sausage https://www.bavariasausage.com/index.asp
-Aufschnitt, Cheese, Christmas items, meat, candy, even clothing!

Backerei Dohring http://backereidohring.com/index.html
-German Bread

Cost Plus World Market- Carries lots of Special German Goodies! Click the link to go Straight to their Online German Food Selection–> Cost Plus World Market


Monthly Subscription Boxes-

Read my review of the different Monthly German Subscription boxes here–> Monthly Food Subscription boxes

International Web Concepts Inc.
-this wonderful subscription comes with 6-8 German Food products every month, along with recipes. Discount code GERMANGIRL for a 10% discount!

-Get a box of special German Treats delivered to your home every month.

Candy German Subscription Box-  https://candygerman.com/
-A box with 6-8 different German Candies every month

300x250 GMC Rotating Gourmet Gift Clubs

Looking for German Restaurants in America–>German Restaurants, Bakeries and Delis in America & Canada


where buy german food online


  1. We make Pischinger Tort every year at Christmas. This requires tortenboden (oblaten) IN the past we were able to get Wetzel oblaten But the vendors we dealt with in the past no longer can get them Kindle please advise on where we can get the or in worst case a recipe to make them

    1. I am German too… and I grew up on it! Of course I love German food. It’s great to be able to show off the diversity, and let people know that it isn’t all meat and potatoes.


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