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German Restaurants in America- Also Bakeries, Delis and Online Sources

German Restaurants in America- Also Bakeries, Delis and Online Sources



Ever wonder “Are there any German Restaurants near Me?” Readers have kindly sent me the names of their favorite German Restaurants in America, as well as German Bakeries, Delis and Online Sources. It looks like we will all be able to eat Rouladen, Bratwurst, Brötchen and Torte as we make our way across America. And now we’ve even added German Restaurants in Canada!

So…. next time you ask yourself…” I wonder where to find German Restaurants near ME?” You will know where to look… right HERE!

Just scroll down to your state, and click… you will be directed to a list of German Restaurants, Bakeries and Delis in your state!

You will find some favorite Online Resources for German Foods HERE

If you have any place you would like to recommend, please…

-send an email to [email protected]

-or message me on Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/GermanGirlinAmerica

PLEASE NOTE- All of the places on the list were recommended by readers… I have not visited all of them personally. Also, it is possible that a place may have closed… please call ahead to verify they are open. Links, addresses and phone numbers are provided. 

German Restaurants Delis and Bakeries in the United States & Canada






























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







Washington DC

West Virginia






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  1. I’m surprised this wasn’t suggested already – Washington State, Lakewood, Hess’ German Deli. It’s sooo good and super popular! Fresh breads, pretzels and meats. There’s also a German bakery across the hall, but I don’t know the exact name of it.

    1. It would be great if the companies one can order from had a link or were separated from places to dine or have dessert in

  2. It would be great if online stores of German goods would have a link or were separated from restaurants and/or cafes

  3. Hi

    I gave you Kuhn’s delicatessen in Chicago.

    You have my last name wrong, it’s OSWALD, not OSWALA. My friends know me, but other people don’t.


  4. In Louisiana you have no restaurants listed. You’re missing out on one of the best in Louisiana! Jagerhaus, 833 Conti St, New Orleans, LA 70112 Near the intersection of Conti St and Dauphine St. (504) 525-9200 This link shows some of the food they make as well as reviews from several patrons. It’s not far from Bourbon Street! We were in the vicinity and stumbled upon this restaurant! I was ecstatic when I saw all the food my German mother used to make! Very well worth the trip!

  5. Glad to know this list is not complete, because I would think the Midwest (MN, SD, ND, WI) would have a lot more, with their German background (and am from MN originally). I say this because I live in VA and know of two additional German restaurants I have eaten at that are not listed. But am so happy to see a list so we can check these out on our travels. Also, NC has/had at least four additional ones not listed, have eaten at one of them that was wonderful (might be closed), another was closed the day I was there, one in Hickory has since closed and one in Winston-Salem that was still open last time I was in the area.

    1. Hi Pat… Yes, the list is far from complete. I’ve only listed restaurants that were recommended to me. If you know of more German restaurants that should be included, please give me their names and the city they are in, and I will add them.

      1. The Bierstube in Red Wing, Minnesota.

        Also, do you know of ANY German places in Nova Scotia, Canada? I moved here recently, and it’s proved challenging.

  6. Northern Virginia is blessed with a number of good places to get German food. he German Gourmet http://www.germangourmet.com
    in Bailey’s Crossroads keeps us supplied with potato salad, Augustiner Beer and Nurnberg sausages, not to mention a large selection of German-language magazines. They also cater.
    The Cosmopolitan Grill in Alexandria does wonderful jägerschnitzel and käsespäzle, among other things, and the Swiss Bakery (two locations in the Burke/Springfield area) has an amazing selection of bread and rolls. I’m not sure if the Heidelberg Bakery in Arlington is still around, but that was a local legend!

  7. You had a person mention a restaurant from Hamilton ontario and she forgot to mention Denninger’s Foods of the World on her recommendations.

  8. Schulte & Herr Portland, Maine. 349 Cumberland av. Morse’s has a nice store and deli but Schulte has by far the best German food in Maine.

  9. You need to add:

    Old Castle Restaurant, Ruskin, FL

    Very good! We took our kids there to introduce them to German cuisine before we moved to Germany in 2012… Still here in Europe, so haven’t been back lately, but it was good and authentic!

  10. There are two stores in Columbia, SC:
    Tiffany Bakery, makes German bread and Broetchen, as well as pastries.
    German Meatmarket, sells all kinds of German cold cuts and some groceries.
    Both are located at Two Not h Road.

  11. You’ve forgotten two really good places near Oklahoma City: Royal-Bavaria in Moore on US77 and Ingrid’s Kitchen on Youngs at NW 36th St.

  12. As a past member of the club, and past chef there, I can tell you that the Lindenhof in Peoria, Illinois is open for dinner only on Friday evenings and the food sucks.

  13. You forgot one for Dearborn, MI — Richter’s Chalet — on Michigan Avenue (near Telegraph Rd) … it’s been around since 1971 and it’s family owned/operated.

  14. Awesome! Would be great to visit some of these and make a video about them, and how they differ from German restaurants in Germany! Have you ever heard of Zwei Brüder in Fort Collins, CO? Was there last summer! Cool place 🙂

    1. That does sound like a good idea… I’ve been thinking about it, but am horribly camera shy (In my day job, I sometimes work on the OTHER side of the camera) Let me know if you do it!