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How to make a Biskuitrolle- A Versatile Biskuitrolle Recipe

How to make a Biskuitrolle- A Versatile Biskuitrolle Recipe

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The the Biskuitrolle (Swiss Roll, Roulade Cake) seems to stem from Austria instead of Germany, but since you find it in most German Recipe books, and I like it, I will include it here. The recipe first shows up in “Universallexikon der Kochkunst” von 1886 (Universal Encyclopedia of Cooking of 1886), so it’s not the OLDEST cake recipe, but it is certainly one of the most versatile cake recipes that any home baker could have in their back pocket. AND (thankfully)  because we have electric mixers, bakers no longer have to “beat the eggs for 30 minutes in one direction” by hand.

Rolle or Roulade means “rolled”, so essentially, this is a rolled cake. Biskuitrolle can be dressed up with a “frosting”, or serve it dusted with sugar. You can fill it with jam, fruit, or whipped cream. It can be served to company, for Holiday Meals… or just to the kids for an afternoon treat. In Germany, I’ve enjoyed the Biskuitrolle mostly with süße Sahne (sweetened whipped cream) and some home-made Erdbeermarmelade (strawberry jam), and with fresh berries rolled up inside. This cake is pretty on a plate, and “light” enough that you can enjoy a second piece without feeling too much guilt (like any of us feel guilty about a second piece of cake..heehee). Here is a basic recipe for making a Biskuitrolle… once you have the cake, you can fill it as you like.

biscuitrolle recipe

How to make a Biskuitrolle

You make the cake part of the Biskuitrolle without any leavening (so, no baking powder, baking soda, or yeast). Instead the air and lightness comes from beating air into the egg. Then the batter is carefully spread onto a lined baking sheet (you don’t want to squish out the air you just added). Bake it fast and hot! Then roll it up to cool. Really, the only “tricky” part is rolling it up without cracks (and sssshhh… here’s a tip, if it does crack, you can cover the cracks with whipped cream and no one will notice, or care).



Filling Ideas for your Biskuitrolle

Fill your Biskuitrolle with whatever you like. The one pictured has sweetened Whipped Cream with sliced strawberries. (My youngest claims she doesn’t like jam, so I left it off this time … next week she will like jam again, and I can add it)

  • Sweetened Whipped Cream- Whip up 1 1/4 cups of Whipping Cream with 2 tablespoons of Sugar
  • Strawberries sliced, Raspberries, Mandarins, any fruit- use about a cup (maybe more). Best if you also add whipped cream or pudding
  • Lemon Curd (This is so good)
  • Pudding (chocolate, vanilla… any)
  • ANY flavor of Jam, especially Strawberry. I love the combination of Strawberry Jam and whipped cream. NOTE- spread the jam on first. You can just use a thick layer of jam.

Step by Step Images

After whipping up the egg whites, whisk the remaining eggs, egg yolks and sugar until pale.
See the air bubbles?


Let the flour go into the egg mixture through a sieve.


Spread the batter into a prepared pan

biskuitrolle recipe

Roll up the baked cake in a sugared towel or parchment
(yes… I left it in the oven a minute too long!)

biskuitrolle recipe

Unroll, and Spread on your filling


maybe add some fruit… you can add more

cake recipe

Roll back up


You might need to trim up the edges to make them neat

biskuitrolle recipe


Sprinkle with Powdered Sugar, Frost, or just leave it with the sugar from the towel…





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