German Food Box -What do You Get in the Monthly German Food Boxes

Seems like the hottest trend in the past few years is Monthly Gift Box Subscription. There’s even a German Food box! And why not? It’s the Gift that keeps on giving. Every month a surprise box arrives on the doorstep, filled with goodies! The German Monthly boxes are generally filled with Foods or Candy. Just enough stuff to give a taste of home, and put a smile on the recipient’s face. And it’s a nice change from a bouquet of flowers.

I’ve included cost comparisons for purchasing the items separately with prices on other German Online Retailers. Honestly, the prices there vary too (Amazon might charge $19 for something that a German Deli charges $13 for… but sometimes it was the other way around) But could not compare shipping costs (just too many variables).

Note-  To insure I wasn’t getting a “padded” box, I checked online images that other people submitted of their boxes for comparison. Things did look similar.

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German Food Boxes

One thing I must say, the German Food box will not replace a trip to the German Store to stock your pantry. These are fun boxes with treats that land on your doorstep once a month. Think of them as a fun gift or surprise for someone missing Germany. Maybe as an alternative to flowers. The perfect gift for someone who has all the “things” they need.

German Food Box does send out “themed” boxes for holidays and Oktoberfest Season!

The German Food Box was a nice surprise. My Box came PACKED with foods. Inside there was a jar of Weißwurst, a jar of Sharp Mustard. There were instant Klöße, a can of Sauerkraut and Landsbrot bread to complete the meal… and for dessert, instant German Pancakes and Nimm2 (perfect for the glove box of my car. (Best of all… honey for my breakfast!)

The box came neatly packed in a box that clearly said German Food box, so you could just stick a bow on it if you wanted to give it as a gift in person. And the person who packed it included their card. All the fragile items were wrapped in bubble wrap, and the space in the box was filled with shredded paper. And you get a recipe card to try something new outside the box.

Order German Food Box HERE

Save 10% with Coupon Code- GERMANGIRL

monthly gift box subscription
My German Food Box


What I really liked is that ALL of the items included were German. Not made in America, but actually German. If I want to pay for German foods.. German flavors… I don’t want the stuff I can get here made for the American Market.

I compared the box I got to photos I saw online of other people’s German Food Box contents. The boxes I saw didn’t  always have the sausages AND  honey… it would be one or the other. Same with the Pfanni and Apfel Pufferchen… it’s one or the other. But otherwise, the things I got look like what everyone else got. You don’t always get THESE THINGS when you get a box. It changes monthly, and it’s always a surprise.

Monthly boxes have also included Potato Pancakes, Cake, Kaiserschmarrn, Semmel Klöße, Soups, Rotkohl, Candies and chocolates of all sorts.

At $49 a month German Food Box isn’t cheap. HOWEVER… you do get a 10% discount for using the coupon code GERMANGIRL. Also, the price drops if you subscribe for longer than 3 months.

You can cancel at any time, as long as you do so at least 5 days before the box is set to ship.

Appoximate prices to buying the items separately-
Meica Weißwurst – $13.59  at German Deli – $19.95 on Amazon
Lowensenf- $4.99 at German deli- $8,94 Amazon
Sauerkraut – $4.79
Pfanni Klöße- $4.21  Amazon… unavailable on German Deli
Landsbrot- $3.79    German Deli   $2.88 Amazon
Nimm2- $4.09
Acacia Blossom Honey $14.09
Apfel Pufferchen- $4.59

My Thoughts on German Food Box-
If you are looking for a gift for the person who has everything (or want to treat yourself), and you want to do more than flowers… German Food Box is a nice gift. Imagine, for around $50 a month, your friend, Mother, Oma, Uncle gets a nice box of German foods delivered to their doorstep. It’s a meal or two along with extras (the jam and honey is lovely, and it lasts a while).

If you are looking for a special gift- Order German Food Box HERE

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11 thoughts on “German Food Box -What do You Get in the Monthly German Food Boxes

  1. Thank you for doing all of the hard work! I, too, have been impressed by German Food Box. Now I will try Candy German, too!

  2. You need to take a look to , i guess thats the cheapest way because they offer normal grocery prices …. like mustard, they sell it for just $2.99 including taxes.

  3. Please do not send me any more of these boxes, the things in theme make no since and tasted bad. I’m German and love the food but I could not eat any of the 1st box, not even the chocolate.

  4. I’m canceling the German Food Box also, way too expensive $53.55 and have received more than 8 boxes, no discount after 3.

  5. Be warned of their deceptive practices. If you sign up for monthly boxes they will send you a second box without your consent and charge you full price. They argue you have to cancel 5 days before renewal date but never tell you that date. In my case I was to cancel the day before my first box was ever delivered.

    Also, their website shows perishable food and they never send such food. They would require a license which I bet they do not have.

    1. I will look in to this. I never had trouble myself.

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