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Lately I’m getting a lot of questions about Online German Language Classes. People want to study German, but maybe they can’t find classes in their area… or the timing doesn’t work… or they just prefer to attend class from the comfort of their home (and maybe wearing pajamas, no judgement here).

With the help of my readers, I’ve put together a list of online German Language Classes. Most are for adults, but some are also for High School Students and even Children. Classes from the Goethe Society, from German Clubs, from German Schools, even apps to help you learn German. Scroll through, check them out, and see what works best for you.

(On  my website, you’ll find a list of in person German Schools and Classes for children, and some offer adult classes. Here-> German Schools in North America

If you know an Online German language program that isn’t on the list… go ahead and send me an email with the information, and I’ll add it to the list. [email protected]

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Online German Language Classes

Goethe Institute 

The Goethe Institute is the gold standard in German language classes for adults, with classes offered in different levels, as group or solo instruction, in person and online.
Find the classes here-> Goethe Institute Classes

DANK Haus Chicago

The Dank Haus offers eight different levels of German Language classes… from Beginner to Proficient. They even have a Mittagspause class! They also offer in person instruction.
Find the classes here (click, and scroll down to the online courses-> DANK Haus Chicago German Classes

German School of the East Bay (California)

Most classes in person, but the B1+ Deutsch Aktuell is online.
For more information-> German School of the East Bay

German School of Connecticut

Offers Adult online Classes level A-1 Beginner through Advanced/ Conversation Class (B2/C1-level)
For more information-> German School of Connecticut

German School Naperville Illinois

The Tuesday evening online beginner course is tailored to adults without any knowledge of the German language. The focus will be on basic vocabulary, common phrases (like “Guten Tag”), and basic grammar.
For more information-> German School Naperville

Germanic American Institute St. Paul Minnesota

From Beginner to Advanced. Some Zoom Classes available at all levels.
For more information- Germanic American Institute

NHGA German Language School New Hampshire

Adult classes from Beginner to Advanced taught over Zoom.
For more information- NHGA German Language School

German Language School of Morris County- New Jersey

Online Adult classes on Saturday Mornings
For more information- German Language School of Morris County

The German School of Union County – New Jersey

Classes are held weeknights and the school year runs from September through May in person and online.
For More information- The German School of Union County

Deutsch Sprachschule Long Island

Beginner to Advanced Classes are taught virtually. All students will use a textbook and workbook that can be purchased from the teachers.
For more information- DSSLI classes

Deutsches Haus at NYU 

A Level classes in person and online. B level in person only. There are also special classes for grammar, art, literature, etc Online!
For more information- Deutsches Haus at NYU

German Texan Heritage Society Language Classes

In person and Online Classes from Beginner to Advanced.
For more information- German Texas Heritage Society

Dallas Goethe Society

German courses of different levels in-person, hybrid synchronous, and online courses over Zoom.
For more information- Dallas Goethe Society

Deutsche Samstagsschule Houston

In person and online classes (or blended), from beginner to advanced.
For more information- Deutsche Samstagsschule Houston

Tacoma German Language School

Some German language Classes online
For more information- Tacoma German Language School

Looking for a more Flexible German Language Class Online? Try one of these Programs

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Learn German online with Lingoda
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Learn German with Rosetta Stone
An award winning language learning program and app that helps with everyday language and even business German.

Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Erfolg beim Studium!

online german language classes for adults

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