Bierkeller Boys Oompah Band Release their Debut Album -Dive In!!

Lukas Schroeder reached out to me with some great news!  Just in time for the Festival Season, the Bierkeller Boys are releasing their first CD… Dive In! This Polka playing Tuba Quartet has been entertaining people with their fun renditions of German Folk Music, Waltzes, Marches, and of course Oompah music at German venues and Fests across the Midwest.

You can help the next generation of German Polka music performers by throwing some support their way.  Let’s keep the toes tapping and the  party going!
Bierkeller boys dive in

Press Release

Next Generation of Polka Tubists Releasing Unique German American Album in May: “Pennsylvania Polka” Single Out Now on Your Preferred Music Platform

All-tuba polka quartet the Bierkeller Boys Oompah Band will release their debut album, Dive In!, on May 1st, 2023 – just in time to enjoy during Maifest and throughout the 2023 Biergarten season. For a special German Girl in America preview, head to to hear their first single, the classic “Pennsylvania Polka.”

  Click to hear a sample HERE–>

bierkeller boys

Bierkeller Boys at St Louis Oktoberfest 2019, hosted by Urban Chestnut Brewing Company (photo used with permission)

Dive In! displays the many influences that shaped the Bierkeller Boys. Traditional European waltzes, marches, and bierhaus songs complement classic German American dance numbers from the Six Fat Dutchmen and Rodgers and Hammerstein. The songs are presented in colorful arrangements by low brass heavyweights Norlan Bewley, Mike Forbes, Gail Robertson, and the Bierkeller Boys’ own Niko Schroeder. The band members are each showcased as singers as well, singing a solo apiece in addition to group vocals.

bierkeller boys

Bierkeller Boys at Stony Lake Brewing Company (Saline, MI) 2021, photo by Kim Ellis (photo made with permission)

Founded in 2017, the four Bierkeller Boys met as music students at Grand Valley State University (Grand Rapids, Michigan). After graduation, they fully embraced their German American heritage and have since spent their time spreading Gemütlichkeit across the Midwest. Their unique instrumentation, dynamic audience engagement, and varied musical selections have captivated audiences at historic venues from Denver to Milwaukee.

The Bierkeller Boys are running an Indiegogo fundraiser, where fans new and acquainted can preorder CDs, score unique and prerelease merchandise, access a full album preview in April, and support the band through the album release process.

Preorder your copy of the Dive In CD at Indiegogo HERE–>Bierkeller Boys DIVE IN

Find the band on their website, Youtube, Facebook, or on your preferred online music platform.



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  1. I listen to the Bierkeller Boys. The really sounded pretty awesome. Thank you Karen for sharing this with us.

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