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Black Forest Cupcakes Recipe- Black Forest Törtchen for a Crowd

Black Forest Cupcakes Recipe- Black Forest Törtchen for a Crowd

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I’m pretty sure this Black Forest Cupcakes Recipe would confuse my Oma for a bit...but then she’d tuck right in. Granted, cupcakes aren’t much of a German Thing. (Maybe we could call them Black Forest Törtchen…little cakes). So, why did I make them? You see… Black Forest Cake / Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte is my daughter’s FAVORITE cake, and she wanted me to make it for her birthday party. This is all well and good, but her party was at the park. Transporting, cutting and serving a beautifully decorated cake to a playground was must more than I wanted to juggle. The solution? Cupcakes.

The kids (and their grown ups) LOVED them! And what’s not to love? Chocolate, cherries and a luscious whipped cream (to further Americanize the recipe, I added a bit of sugar to the Whipped Cream… you can leave this out). Every crumb was gone!

March 28th is Black Forest Cake Day!

Black Forest Cupcakes Recipe

The Black Forest Cake, also known as the Black Forest Cherry Torte, is called the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte in German. It did not get it’s name from the Black Forest of Legend and Fairy Tale, rather from the Kirschwasser, Kirsch Liquor used to flavor it. In the United States, it is seldom made with Kirsch…. in Germany, by law, it can’t be called a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte without Kirsch. So… since I’m a law abiding person (who likes to add a punch to her baked goods)…. I’m using Kirsch.


Looking for a Black Forest Torte Recipe? You’ll find one in my Easy German Cookbook

Easy German Cookbook: 80 Classic Recipes Made SimpleEasy German Cookbook: 80 Classic Recipes Made SimpleEasy German Cookbook: 80 Classic Recipes Made Simple


Step By Step Instructions for Black Forest Cupcakes

Melt the Unsweetened Chocolate and Butter Together

black forest cupcakes recipe

Stir the Melted Chocolate and Butter until Smooth

Let Cool a few Minutes


Put the Dry Ingredients in a Stand Mixing Bowl- Combine

Add in Melted Chocolate, Eggs and Vanilla – It will look thick

black forest cupcakes recipe

Add the Boiling Water and Buttermilk
Take your time, and run it down the side of the mixing bowl so you don’t get splashed.
The batter will look thin.

black forest cupcakes recipe

I Use a Scoop to Fill the Cupcake Liners

About 2/3 full
black forest cupcakes recipe

Bake 20 Minutes

Let Cool on Rack

black forest cupcake recipe

Scoop a Bit Out of the Top

Use a small scoop or a spoon- Brush or sprinkle with Kirsch

black forest cupcakes recipe

Fill the Cavity with Cherry Filling or Morello Cherries

2 to 3 Cherries should be enough

black forest cupcakes recipe

Cut a Bit From the Bottom of the Scooped Bit (Eat it)
This way it fits on over the cherries
black forest cupcakes recipe

Put the top back on.
Sprinkle or brush with Kirsch again if you want
black forest cupcakes recipe

Whip Cream and Sugar To Stiff Peak 

If you prefer it without sugar, go ahead and make it without

Don’t over-whip and make butter

black forest cupcakes recipe

Pipe or Spread On the Whipped Cream
I use this piping bag–> Ateco Piping Bag

I leave a little space in the top for cherries… but you don’t have to

black forest cupcakes recipe

Drop a few Cherries or some Cherry Filling on Top

black forest cupcakes recipe


Shave Curls of Chocolate with a Vegetable Peeler

I do this onto a plate so they don’t go everywhere. But you can do this directly over the cupcakes

black forest cupcakes recipe


Then Sprinkle the Chocolate Shavings onto the Cupcakes

Warning, the heat from your hands will melt the shavings, so work fast

black forest cupcakes recipe


black forest cupcakes recipe

black forest cupcakes



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