Why Omas are the Best! 35 Reasons Omas Totally ROCK!

Omas are the BEST! I’ve been thinking a lot about my Oma lately, she would have been 100 this year! What it is that made her, like so many of her generation, special? Was it the wonderful (and plentiful) food they cook? The good advice? The way they always made time for you? Maybe it’s the fact that they could do anything they decided to do, without first looking it up online. Maybe it is their strength….

So,  I wanted to capture all of the mysterious essence that is “Oma”…And, I came up with this…. a Picture Story about Omas. My Oma had the best sense of humor, I can hear her laughing now!

Let me know what you think .

(I only hope that one day, I can be like my Oma!)


Why Omas are the Best!

(A story in Pictures…)

Omas have a special fashion sense… practicality rules their wardrobe.

oma dress

And they make sure Everyone ELSE is well dressed!

oma socks

You can say what you want about Oma, but when the next Ice Age comes,
I will have the appropriate socks.

Omas only see positive in us…

omas are the best

“Just like Opa”

And they are tireless Babysitters!

Omas the best

Should Oma and Opa keep watching me? Or shall I put them to bed?

Oma Gives us the BEST presents!

oma gift

I wished for a pair of Converse for my Birthday.

And Oma’s are always slipping us some extra cash…

oma gangster

Nothing is cooler than the way my Oma slips me money in a totally Gangster way….

Yet, while Omas are very generous… they are also practical and thrifty…

oma shares

An Oma got on a bus every morning, and every morning, she gave the bus driver a bag of nuts!
One day, the bus driver finally asked, “So, where do you get all of these nuts?”
The Oma says: “Well, you know, I really love Toffifes, but I can’t chew the nuts!”

We can call on Oma when Mom and Dad don’t let us do things.


When Mama and Papa say No!
I just ask Oma and Opa

And Oma will always come to the rescue when you are in trouble!

oma rescue

Oma, you have to come pick me up quick, there’s trouble

Even when you aren’t a little child anymore!

oma pays

She: How much is the T-shirt?
He: One Kiss!
She: Ok, I’ll take it. My Oma is paying!

Of course, Oma will always feed you when  you are hungry

oma feeds you

Me: Oma, can you come over?
Oma: I can’t , I don’t have a car
Me: Mom left me alone at home without food

PLUS! Oma will always give you your FAVORITE foods!

oma cooks

I got a cookie from Oma, without having to eat my Broccoli!

And boy! can Omas COOK!

Oma cooks

Oma’s Cooking. We are having Noodles. And on the side Potato Soup, Schnitzel, Fried Potatoes, Potato Salad, Rouladen, Dumplings, and a little bit of Cheesecake

And cook

oma cooks

When you tell your Oma that you are a little hungry.

 In fact… sometimes it is hard to stop her, once she starts feeding you.

oma cooks

The difference between “All you can eat” and “eating at Oma’s”?
At an “All you can Eat” place, you can decide when you are full.

But after a while….

oma cooks

Now guess who spent their vacation with Oma


Your Oma may not be the best at Tech

oma handy

Oh…  Oma sent me her handy with a text again 
You will have to quietly explain the concept to her again.

And you will have to explain some things to Oma, again and again….

oma tech

NO OMA! first doubleclick, then right mouse copy,
paste and enter
All clear?

But Omas don’t need Tech to get their information.

oma is the best

Doesn’t have Facebook…still knows everything

She and her Posse get together, and no one has secrets!

oma spy

Our Omas…
They know more than our Intelligence agencies!

In fact, the government could learn a thing or two about spying from Oma!

oma spy

Surveillance today
Surveillance when we were younger….

Omas have the best medical advice!

oma drinks

For better digestion, I drink beer. For loss of appetite I drink White Wine. For low Blood Pressure, I drink Red Wine. For high blood pressure I drink Cognac, and when I’m chilly, Vodka.
And when do you drink Water?
I’ve never been that sick!

And they always have the perfect medicine handy!oma drinks

While Oma may be fairly rigid about her cleaning routine…

oma cleans

A Policeman calls Central Dispatch:
“I have an older woman here who shot her husband because he walked on her freshly mopped floor.”
“Did you arrest the woman?”
“Not yet… the floor is still wet!”

And she cleans EVERYTHING!

oma putzt

Oma knows the importance of balancing work with a good time.

oma rub

Oma, don’t drink so much wine, it’s dangerous!
“Son, I’m 92! area rugs are dangerous!”

And she always adds a certain Touch to make life special!

oma comfetti

You have to blow confetti into your own life!

Omas are Full of good advice! 

oma advice

My Oma always said:
“You can only spend as much money as you have available”
I guess our country doesn’t have an Oma?

But the best advice they give is about MEN

Oma advice

Oma always told me:
“If you are ever sad because all men are shit, take your friend by the hand and DRINK girl! DRINK!

Who needs men anyway?

oma advice

Oma to her Granddaughter:
“And if you don’t find a Man, it’s not so bad, then you make a wonderful life for yourself.

And then they push you to go out and get what you deserve!

oma advice

Oma always said..
You can cry, scream, you can also have a few doubts, and then you go out, fight, and get what you want!

And no matter what happens, Omas will ALWAYS defend us!

oma spruche

Oma will fix this…

Because Omas are our HEROS!

oma hero

Omas were made because Grandchildren need real heros!

And EVERYTHING is better when Oma is there….

oma war da!

Oma was there!

Thank you Oma!


Omas make the world more beautiful.


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OMas best

7 thoughts on “Why Omas are the Best! 35 Reasons Omas Totally ROCK!

  1. We are Oma & Opa but not quite the generation that the pictures are. We so love to have our grandsons call us by the German name.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am Omi to my grandson and to my great-nieces and nephew I am Tante! All my life I dreamed about being called Omi and Tante! My son almost said no to Omi because it hurt that his Omi is no longer with us. But he came around! I told him what better way to honor HIS Omi than to have his son call me Omi! And I miss my Omi. She was born in 1904, came to America right after I was born. What a wealth of knowledge about history and living in itself. She was a fantastic knitter, crochet and needlepoint! OMI’S ROCK!!

  3. I LOVE being an Oma. My little one is my sunshine and joy. My Mom (from Northern Germany) was my kids’ Omi. My Oma was from the Schwarzwald, and was UrOma to my kids. Ich liebe es, eine deutsche Oma zu sein!

  4. Love it I’m an Oma to 10 grandkids and 10 great grandchildren…

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