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The German Easter Holidays- Easter Weekend in Germany

Celebrating the German Easter Holidays is much more than just finding eggs or church on Sunday. You celebrate the Easter weekend in Germany! Although the country is becoming more secular, Easter feels much more celebrated or acknowledged than here in the US. I’m not talking about the commercial aspect. Yes, there are colorful eggs and […]

Ostara and Easter- A Legend that May be Younger than You Think

German Easter Traditions, Facts and Customs- All About Easter in Germany!

Celebrating Easter in Germany is much more than a trip to church, an Easter Egg hunt, brunch and a nice hat. Easter is a major holiday in Germany…  and the events go beyond home and church. Preparations start well before Easter Sunday! and don’t end there. And many Easter Traditions that we follow here in […]

Christmas Eve Dinner in Germany – Würstchen mit Kartoffelsalat?

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