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Vanilla Sauce Recipe – Vanillesoße – the Perfect Dessert Topping!

Vanillesoße is the little black dress of sauces. Honestly, it just goes with every dessert or Nachtisch… it softens the tartness of Rote Gruetze, gives an added dimension to Apfelstrudel, and it magically transforms boring chocolate pudding to a fancy dessert. My Oma always kept packets of instant Vanillesoße in her “packet drawer” (you know […]

German Goulash Recipe- A Love Letter From the Kitchen

Simple German Bratapfel Recipe with different Variations

In my old German recipe book, there’s a Bratapfel recipe. Ingredients – Apples, nuts, raisins, cinnamon, honey (rum). Instructions… carve the core out of the apple, stuff with filling, bake. That’s it. No details, no actual amounts. Even the bake time is vague… Bake until soft. I didn’t think much about the actual recipe until […]

Suppengruen- A Flavor Base for German Cooking

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