Work, Live, Explore: Comparing Life in Germany and the UK

Moving overseas is a big decision. Thanks to Dan for this sponsored post on Comparing Life in Germany and the UK. Some interesting food for thought for anyone considering making the move to Europe to study or live, but can’t decide which direction to go.

Finding a place in the world that suits your personality and lifestyle isn’t that easy, considering that moving from one country to another is difficult. While most people move to countries for economic and social reasons, others simply want to explore other cultures and environments. Usually, people choose a bigger city compared to the one they’ve been living in because it offers better living conditions and opportunities.

At the same time, metropolitan areas always offer something to do regarding entertainment, from trying new restaurants to participating in music events. Hence, they provide the occasion to have an active life, be part of a bigger friend group, and evolve as a person, contributing to the fun.

But fun is not the most important thing to consider when moving cities. We chose two of the most developed European countries to see which would be best for someone who thrives on a better lifestyle.

Student life in Germany vs the UK

Students have numerous opportunities almost wherever they go, as many countries offer discounts and cheaper housing alternatives when they study in their countries. This is also the case for Germany and the UK, where students can balance their costs to an independent life, and the infrastructure makes living and studying quite good.

However, when it comes to financial considerations, Germany ensures lower expenses, from affordable education to groceries, while the UK is considerably more expensive. Indeed, if you’re thrifty enough, you could lower your living costs without being affected. For instance, to ensure you have a great internet connection at all times, you can search for the best eSIM for UK travel when you return to university after the holidays.

Job opportunities in both countries

Whether you’re a student or a fresh graduate, looking for a job is an experience many of us share. Still, working environments in these two countries differ considerably. If you want a less stressful job, the UK should be considered due to its flexible hours, informal interactions and the pub culture. The gig economy can also help anyone get a part-time job to support a particular lifestyle, but sectors like finance and service industries are employing the most.

On the other hand, Germany has a stricter approach to work but always offers the greatest results. You’ve got rigorous working hours, are expected to be punctual, and interactions tend to be casual and reserved. Still, since there’s a lower unemployment rate, you’d find a job pretty quickly. There’s a high demand for workers in IT and health care.

Weather is pretty similar in Germany and the UK

If you’re not into sunny places, you might as well move to either of these countries. The UK is renowned for its unpredictable weather patterns, but it’s primarily rainy. Unfortunately, the past years have been filled with high-impact weather, such as droughts and hurricanes, that disrupt people’s lives and can put them in danger.

For now, Germany hasn’t displayed such an extreme climate, but the weather is similar to the UK in terms of cloudiness. Summers are not considerably hot, but winters are indeed cold and dry, so it might make you feel a little bit exhausted, especially if you’re prone to seasonal depression.

Which country has the best food?

In culinary terms, both countries have their special something. The UK has its unique fish and chips, pies and tea, which are made like in no other place in the world. At the same time, the country has opened the market for any other type of cuisine, so you’ll find many Asian or Italian-based restaurants. However, they might compete at beer.

Germany also has its traditional foods, from sausages, bread and the Wiener Schnitzel. While German cuisine has a reputation for heavy meat and potatoes, vegetarian options have become more common. The quality of the food is superior as most restaurants have high standards.

Pros and cons of living in Germany

Besides the elements discussed above, many other differences between these two countries matter. That’s why, among the benefits of living in Germany, we count the following:

  • High-quality education;
  • Stable economy;
  • Massive company headquarters like Volkswagen;
  • Free healthcare;
  • High living standards;
  • Straightforward immigration regulations;

On the other hand, these are the most prominent disadvantages:

  • Taxes are numerous and high;
  • Language can be limited to German;
  • Germans can be difficult to get to know on a personal level;

Pros and cons of living in the UK

Compared to Germany, the UK seems like a social hub, where people are more open towards others and willing to have some fun instead of work. That’s why the UK has:

  • Friendly people;
  • Top-notch universities;
  • Cultural diversity;
  • Vibrant cities;

Still, the UK might not be your cup of tea because:

  • Overtime work is frequent;
  • Living costs are high;
  • Salaries can be low;

So, depending on whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, you may prefer the UK to Germany and vice versa. After all, if you’re lucky to find the right people, you can go out as much as you like and party even in Germany or chill in the UK. What matters most is finding an environment that suits your skills and personality best so you can take advantage of the opportunities in the country.

At the same time, if you want a challenge, you can live for a while in both countries and form a subjective opinion because people see things differently regarding living experiences. What’s sure is that Germany offers numerous chances for people to integrate, while the UK is one of the best places to make friends and have an active social life.

So, have you decided yet?

If you’re a fan of Germany but also like the UK and don’t know where to move, this article might help you decide which is the best choice for you. Generally speaking, life in Germany is more systematic, as you pay a lot of taxes and experience a lack of friendliness around you. On the other hand, living in the UK can be challenging in terms of salary, but people are sure to welcome you with open arms for the first pint of beer.

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