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Fasching / Karneval

Karneval or Fasching- Here’s how they celebrate the 5th Season!

2023 marked the 200th Anniversary of the Köln Karneval Associations! What is Fasching? And is it the same thing as Karneval? YES!  Karneval / Fasching  / Fastnacht  all refer to the pre-Lent season, and is referred to as the Fifth Season  in German speaking countries.  Think of this time as the German version of Mardi […]

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German Rheinische Krapfen Recipe…. Fried Dough Treats!

One of my father’s favorite food memories is his Mother’s German Krapfen Recipe that she would make every year on New Year’s Eve . These are Rheinische  Öl Krapfen, which means they are a fried yeast dough filled with raisins… sort of like a donut, but not (so don’t make these expecting them to taste like Krispy […]

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