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German Karneval Fasching Celebrations in the United States 2018-2019

German Karneval Fasching Celebrations in the United States 2018-2019


faschingDo you want to celebrate Karneval Fasching like a German?

Fasching (in the South) and Karneval (in the North) are a time of celebration of food and fun in the time before the austerity of Lent. Costumes and Masks are meant to scare away evil spirits. Parades and dancing add to the fun.

The celebration begins on November 11, the beginning of the 5th Season, when the Karneval Prinz and court are elected.  Often there are Karneval Parties, Balls and Gala events.

The merriment kicks into high gear the Thursday (Weiberfastnacht) before Ash Wednesday… and continues until Faschnachtdienstag (Shrove Tuesday) the night before Ash Wednesday, and the beginning of Lent.

In 2019-
Weiberfastnacht falls on Feb 28
Ash Wednesday falls on  March 6

Learn More About Karneval / Fasching Here- What is Karneval Fasching?

We’ve gathered a list of some local (to the US) German celebrations…. I’ve tried to put them into some order so you can find one close to you. Come join the Celebrations!

Feel free to add more in the comments or send me an email at Germangirlinamerica@gmail.com



The Phoenix Club

GAMGE- Jan 18-19
Priatenball, Pirates costume Ball- Feb 16
Reeperbahn, Karneval in the Red Light District – Feb 23
Kinderkarneval – Feb 23
Lumpenball- March 9
For More information Anaheim Karnevalgesellshaft


Lake Worth

American German Club
Fasching – Prince and Princess Ball- January 12
For More Information- American German Club



Fasching German Mardi Gras Style— Various Dates
For more information –>Fasching Verein Helen



Arlington Heights 
Grand Masquerade Ball – Feb 23
For more information-Chicago German American Events

Rheinischer Verein Chicago 
Masked Ball — Feb 23
Rosenmontag — Feb 25
For more information  –Rheinischer Verein



Spielmannszug Minnesota
inderKarneval – Jan 28
2018 Kostümball – Feb 10
for more information- https://www.facebook.com/Spielmannszug-Minnesota-73376609367/


St Louis

Winter Ball 31 Feb 3 6:00pm
St. Louis-Stuttgart Sister CitiesCordially invites you to attend our 57th Anniversary Celebration 31th Annual Winter Ball Karneval
For more information- http://stl4stuttgart.com/


Las Vegas

GAMGA Gala Karneval Jan 18th & 19th
For more information – German American Mardi Gras Association



Germania Society of Cincinnati

Maskenball –Feb 2
Kehraus Party– Feb 23
Kinderfasching– Feb 24
For more information– Germania Society



Muller Fasching Verein
Fasching Hofbrauhaus Chicago –Feb 2
Fasching Bavarian Bierhaus Milwaukee–Feb 9
The Mullers Kegel’s Inn– Feb 16
Maskenball– Feb 23
Milwaukee Maskenball– March 2
Old Town Fat Tuesday– March 5
Various locations  for more information- Milwaukee Mullers

Rheinischer Verein Gruen Weiss
Weiberfastnacht (Women’s Maquerade) February 28 –Bavarian Bierhaus
Maskenball – Feb 2
Kehraus (Closing of the Mardi Gras Season)  March 9- Bavarian Bierhaus

For more information- Rheinischer Verein Milwaukee

Spielmannszug and Rheinischer Verin Mardi Gras schedules
Kindermaskenball– Feb 3
Maskenball– Feb 23
Lumpenball– March 16

For more information- Spielmannszug und Rheinischer Verein

 Washington DC

Washington Saengerbunds
Fasching Masquerade Ball–March 9
For More Information- http://saengerbund.org/

Remember also to check the Events Page for more German Festivals and Events–> Events Page


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  1. Minnesota is not mentioned. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul have Karneval club, Spielmannszug Minnesota that has been in existence since 1993 . We crown a new Prinzenpaar each year aling with having orher events during the Karneval Session. We have a facebook page and website

  2. Your home page lists a perfoormance on Jan. 21, Sat. at the Schwaubenhop in Menomonee Falls, WI but it does not list any specifics, such as what time, can anyone sign up, cost, etc. Can you give me that information?

  3. Awesome website, German Girl, keep up the good work! We enjoyed Fasnet in Southern Germany, Fasching in Central Germany, and Carnival in Cologne as well. Great culture, great fun! I just want to let you and your followers know about Fasching near D.C. The event is actually held in the D.C. suburb of Fairfax, Virginia. It is put on by the Saegerbund, the German singing society there. Please check out their website: http://saengerbund.org/ for those near Washington, D.C. and interested. Helau, Alaaf, Ahaa to all!

  4. Beethoven Damenchor will host their annual Fasching at the Beethoven Halle und Garten (422 Pereida St., San Antonio, TX) Saturday, March 2, 2019 beginning at 8 PM. There will be a costume parade with prizes awarded for best costumes; also dance music and snacks, cash bar, and raffle for a gift basket of German goodies. Helau!


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