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German State Quiz

German State Quiz


German State Quiz!

How well do you know your German States?

(you DO know that Germany has states… right?)
Take this 15 question quiz, and let us know how you do.

I admit, this quiz is a bit tricky… especially for those of us who went to school in the US. But … hopefully you will do well, or at least, learn something!

German States Quiz

How well do you know your German States? For anyone not brought up in German Schools, or living in Germany, this quiz might be a bit tricky. Give it a try... see how well you know. Who knows? You could surprise yourself! Good Luck!!!! At least... you might learn something new!

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  1. Bavaria shares a border with Poland? Well, where does that leave Saxony which is the indicated state on the map. I think the answer for #13 is wrong.


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