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Oliver Pötzsch The Ludwig Conspiracy Book Review

Oliver Pötzsch The Ludwig Conspiracy Book Review


The Ludwig ConspiracyThe Ludwig ConspiracyThe Ludwig Conspiracy

Because of a recommendation, I recently read Oliver Pötzsch, The Ludwig Conspiracy Book. It really was a fun romp of a mystery. The story reminded me a bit of Dan Brown’s works (The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons)but since it all came with a German accent…. it felt much closer to home. Oliver Pötzsch’s worldwide bestseller shines a light on the last days of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Was he truly crazy? Did he commit suicide? Or was he murdered?

What happened in those last days of his life?

What is the Ludwig Conspiracy?

Was King Ludwig II murdered? Or did he commit suicide?

Steven Lucas is a rare book dealer in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Munich, whose business isn’t doing so well. One afternoon he stumbles across a strange box on his shelves…. it contains a lock of hair, a few photos, and what appears to be a diary written in code. When Stephen realizes that the photos are previously unknown pictures of the King, he realizes that he might be able to make some money with the box and its contents… and perhaps save his shop.

Unfortunately, it’s couldn’t be that easy.

Steven’s shop is ransacked by strangers, and Steven fears for his life when stranger begin to follow him. After he meets the bright and clever art detective Sara Lengfeld, things start moving fast! Together they search King Ludwig’s Castles for clues that will help them crack the code in the diary!

The story is set in modern times, but there are flashback sequences told through the voice of Theodor Marot, Assistant to Dr. Max Schleiss von Lowenfeld, King Ludwig II personal physician. By switching back and forth, the reader can imagine what it must have been like to be in the King’s inner circle. According to Marot, Ludwig wan’t mad, he was merely a dreamer who lived in a world of Castles, myths and fairy tales. But, of course, that sort of rule does not appeal to people who want power, and many wanted him off the throne.

What is the secret that King Ludwig took to his grave?… and why are people so desperate to keep that secret hidden forever? You will have to read the book to find out.

Oliver Potzsch Ludwig Conspiracy Book Review

The Ludwig Conspiracy captures your attention from the very beginning. Oliver Potzsch draws you in to the story, and keeps it engaging by dropping new clues along the way. The details Potzsch shares about Bavarian history are fascinating. Much of German history is still new to me. I loved learning the details about King Ludwig’s castles, and I am more anxious than ever to visit the homes of the Fairy Tale king…even though I know I will never get the chance to see them empty like Steven and Sara did.



While there is some violence in the book, and people do die, it’s never over done. And it’s never done for shock value. As I said, the book is lively, and people seem to run from one thing to the next with very little rest (I never understood that in books or movies… I need my sleep!).

But I admit, this book was a page-turner that kept me up long past my bedtime!

Reading The Ludwig Conspiracy felt like I was dipping my toes into Bavarian History. This fun introduction made me curious, and now I need to find out more about what really happened to King Ludwig II.

Buy The Ludwig Conspiracy Here

You can get the book in Paperback, or listen to the Audio Book on CD

The Ludwig ConspiracyThe Ludwig ConspiracyThe Ludwig ConspiracyThe Ludwig ConspiracyThe Ludwig ConspiracyThe Ludwig Conspiracy



Order The Ludwig Conspiracy in German

A great way to work on your German skills is to read it!

Die Ludwig-Verschwörung (German Edition)Die Ludwig-Verschwörung (German Edition)Die Ludwig-Verschwörung (German Edition)




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