Lunch at the Wurstküche Regensburg- The Oldest Restaurant in Germany


Next to the Steinernen Brücke (Stone Bridge) in Regensburg you will find a small green building surrounded by crowds.  The Wurstküche Regensburg has been serving up sausages to dockworkers and now tourists for hundreds of years in the same location. So, of course, while visiting Regensburg for the Christmas Markets, I could not pass up eating at the oldest continually operating restaurant in Germany!

wurstkuche regensburg

What is the Wurstküche Regensburg?

In 1135, the city of Regensburg decided it was time to replace the too-small and frequently washed away wooden bridge for one made of stone. Naturally, they built a construction office next to the bridge building site. (I love that this bridge was considered the 8th wonder of the world during its time). When the bridge was finally finished 11 years later, the building was converted to a restaurant for dockworkers, sailors and local craftsmen who were working on the St Peter’s Dom, called “Garkueche auf dem Kranchen” (Kitchen by the Crane). At the time, they specialized  in simmered pots of stew, that could be kept on the stove all day.


In 1806, the location was sold to Wolfgang Schricker, who changed things around a bit.  Instead of stew pots, the kitchen’s grill was crowded with bratwurst made in house from the finest quality pork. Business didn’t slow down for a second. (In fact, the only time time the restaurant closed was when the Danube flooded… you can see the dated High Water marks on the walls).

wurstkuche regensburg



What Can you eat in an 800 Year Old Restaurant?

Today, you can enjoy the Wurstkuchl’s full menu of Bavarian dishes… Bratwurst, Schnitzel, Backhändl, Krautwickl, and Erdapfelsuppe (Potato Soup). They are also known for their house made Sauerkraut and sweet Mustard. (That goes perfectly with the Bratwurst! Order it HERE–>Wurstkuchl Mustard)

wurstkuche regensburg

Their Stüberl (little dining room) with service has seats for 28 people inside … fair warning! It fills up quickly! Tables and benches are set outside, so you can also eat outside in nice weather (and even, not so nice weather).

OR you can do what I did… walk up to the kitchen and order 3 Bratwürstl in a Semmel to go! For 3€, it was a bargain! Munch as you walk along the water….

wurstkuche regensburg

Prepare to be patient! The Wurstküche Regensburg serves up to 6000 sausages PER DAY (in the summertime) and quite a few in Winter too… But the wait is worth it!

wurstkuche regensburg

Take it to GO!

wurstkuche regensburg

Grab a Semmel to go… and walk across the Steinerbrucke

Special note… the Tourist Office and World Heritage Visitor’s Center are RIGHT NEXT to the Wurstküche. Stop in. The exhibit is free (did you know that Regensburg was home to the first Postal Service in Germany?), and the nice people inside have loads of information and maps to give you. 

wurstkuche regensburg

More things to do in Regensburg

Wurstkuche Regensburg

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  1. Hi there! I tried finding your email address but unfortunately I can’t locate it. I have a client that creates authentic German Black Forest cuckoo clocks and I’d love to send one to you for review if you’re open? It’d be great to chat. My email is [email protected]

  2. Where can I buy German food in my area? Kenosha WI

  3. ate there about 4 years ago. Did not know the full history like i do now,,, but you could feel the History. What a great privilege it was. Hope to go back and do it again! Also the village was fantastic!

    1. Isn’t Regensburg lovely? I want to go back to the castle Thurn & Taxis

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