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Schmidt Lebkuchen Tins: Buy Lebkuchen Online for Christmas

Schmidt Lebkuchen Tins: Buy Lebkuchen Online for Christmas


Save Big This Christmas!

Schmidt Festive Chest 2017Schmidt Festive Chest 2017

Lebkuchen has been a specialty in Nuremberg for over 600 years.  Travelers and Traders used to carry Lebkuchen with them to enjoy and sell, now we are lucky enough to be able to buy Lebkuchen online! During the Holiday Season of Advent and Christmas, you can find various Schmidt Lebkuchen Tins containing a variety of Lebkuchen cookies.

Every year new Schmidt Lebkuchen tins are created and released just before October, to get you excited for the holidays. These highly collectible tins make fantastic gifts! And they contain a nice array of cookies and treats for your own Bunte Teller.

The Schmidt Festive Chest 2017 is a massive chest with a large selection of Lebkuchen, German Christmas Cookies, Stollen and other treats (including tins within the tin). I buy it for my family every year, and it’s more than enough for our Christmas celebrations. In fact, I end up sending home extra packets with visitors. While the tin itself is a bit expensive… you do get A LOT in it (and it’s a lovely collectible tin). Fortunately, there are many other tins for every price range. 


Lebkuchen History

Brief History of these Delicious German Lebkuchen Cookies

Nuremberg is in the perfect location for Lebkuchen. The city sits right on the trade routes for spices. Spice merchants traveled through the city from Genoa, Venice and the Orient, insuring a constant supply of pepper and other spices that gave a kick to these delicious cookies. Ginger itself was probably introduced to Germany by Crusaders returning from the Holy Land in the Eleventh Century. But spice alone doesn’t make Lebkuchen. Nuremberg is also close to the Reichswald… also known as the German Empire’s Bee Garden. Honey supplies essential sweetness, and keeps the cookies moist over time.

By the early 1600’s, Lebkuchen was only baked by special a Baker’s Guild called the Lebkuchler from a well protected secret recipe. It was not something for the home kitchen.


Nuremberg became famous worldwide for Lebkuchen.

Schmidt Elisen Tin 2017Schmidt Elisen Tin 2017Schmidt Music Box TinSchmidt Music Box Tin


Otto Schmidt Lebkuchen

In 1927 Otto Schmidt and his brother stumbled into the Lebkuchen business when they received a train car full of Lebkuchen as a payment for a debt. They got the idea to separate it into types, and sell it nationwide with advertising. It was so successful, that Otto Schmidt established his own Lebkuchen Bakery that has been selling Lebkuchen worldwide since then. Today they still use the same secret recipe, and the same high quality ingredients, ground nuts, spices, honey and chocolate that made them famous all those years ago.

Schmidt Nuremberg Silhouette ChestSchmidt Nuremberg Silhouette ChestSchmidt Historic Nuremberg Chest 2017Schmidt Historic Nuremberg Chest 2017


You can Buy Lebkuchen Online!

Schmidt Lebkuchen Tins come in all Sizes and assortments. The tins keep the Lebkuchen soft and fresh, and even become collectors items after the Lebkuchen cookies have been eaten. I have a large chest tin that I got years ago… and to this day I use it to store special letters from family in Germany. They make wonderful holiday gifts for friends and family. These start coming available in the fall of each year.
There really is a tin for every taste!

Schmidt Art Tin 2017Schmidt Art Tin 2017Schmidt Black Elisen Tin 2017Schmidt Black Elisen Tin 2017Schmidt Artist's Suitcase 2017Schmidt Artist’s Suitcase 2017Schmidt Winter Village ChestSchmidt Winter Village ChestSchmidt Hexagonal Elisen Tin 2017Schmidt Hexagonal Elisen Tin 2017Schmidt Music Box TinSchmidt Music Box TinSchmidt Oldtimer TinSchmidt Oldtimer TinSchmidt Nuremberg Winter Chest 2017Schmidt Nuremberg Winter Chest 2017Schmidt Nuremberg Gift Chest 2017Schmidt Nuremberg Gift Chest 2017Schmidt Nuremberg Elisen Chest 2017Schmidt Nuremberg Elisen Chest 2017Schmidt Small Nuremberg Chest 2017Schmidt Small Nuremberg Chest 2017

Schmidt Advertising Column 2017Schmidt Advertising Column 2017Schmidt Janosch Chest 2017Schmidt Janosch Chest 2017

Schmidt Lebkuchen Boxes

The Schmidt Lebkuchen Boxes contain a lovely assortment of Lebkuchen and other treats… you just don’t get a collectible tin. This is perfect for anyone who is just looking for cookies!

Schmidt Lebkuchen PureSchmidt Lebkuchen PureSchmidt Large Festive BoxSchmidt Large Festive BoxSchmidt Small Festive BoxSchmidt Small Festive BoxSchmidt Chocolate TemptationSchmidt Chocolate TemptationSchmidt Elisen FavoritesSchmidt Elisen FavoritesSchmidt Gift Cube with HandleSchmidt Gift Cube with HandleSchmidt Nuremberg VarietySchmidt Nuremberg VarietySchmidt Festive Gift CartonSchmidt Festive Gift CartonSchmidt Oblaten FavoritesSchmidt Oblaten FavoritesSchmidt Sweet TemptationSchmidt Sweet TemptationSchmidt Choice SelectionSchmidt Choice Selection

Single Lebkuchen Packages

It is possible to buy German Lebkuchen in boxes or bags. These are the same yummy cookies that come in the tins, but they are packaged differently. This is a good thing to buy if you plan to eat them immediately, or have no use for a large.

Schmidt Fairytale HouseSchmidt Fairytale HouseSchmidt Premium Nuremberg Elisen Bars, AssortedSchmidt Premium Nuremberg Elisen Bars, AssortedSchmidt Premium Nuremberg Elisen Bars, Chocolate CoatedSchmidt Premium Nuremberg Elisen Bars, Chocolate CoatedSchmidt Premium Milk Chocolate ElisenSchmidt Premium Milk Chocolate ElisenSchmidt Masterpiece 90Schmidt Masterpiece 90Schmidt Lebkuchen RollSchmidt Lebkuchen RollSchmidt Lebkuchen StarsSchmidt Lebkuchen StarsSchmidt Premium Mini-Elisen LebkuchenSchmidt Premium Mini-Elisen Lebkuchen

Schmidt Lebkuchen Advent Calendar

Count down to Christmas with a Schmidt Lebkuchen Advent Calendar! A delicious way to wait for Christmas.

Schmidt Advent CalendarSchmidt Advent Calendar

Buy Lebkuchen Hearts

You can find Lebkuchen online year round. You can even get them personalized. These are perfect for Oktoberfest Parties or Holiday Gifts…. wouldn’t a personalized heart make a wonderful gift tag?

20 Gingerbread Hearts (customized) - Lebkuchen20 Gingerbread Hearts (customized) – LebkuchenTraditional Gingerbread Delicious Heart - CustomizableTraditional Gingerbread Delicious Heart – CustomizableI love you - Owl (Lebkuchen / Honey cake)I love you – Owl (Lebkuchen / Honey cake)



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