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Schmidt Lebkuchen Nuremberg: Buy Lebkuchen Tins Online

Schmidt Lebkuchen Nuremberg: Buy Lebkuchen Tins Online



For over 600 years Schmidt Lebkuchen Nuremberg has been baking and selling their delicious Lebkuchen, a special type of Gingerbread.  Travelers and Traders used to carry Lebkuchen with them to enjoy and sell, now we are lucky enough to be able to buy Lebkuchen online! During the Holiday Season of Advent and Christmas, you can find various Schmidt Lebkuchen Tins containing a variety of Lebkuchen cookies.

Every year new Schmidt Lebkuchen tins, and special packages are created and released just before October, to get you excited for the holidays. The highly collectible tins make fantastic gifts, because they contain a wide variety of cookies and treats, but you can also get simple boxes, bags and Advent Calendars full of Lebkuchen to enjoy.

The Schmidt Festive Chest is a massive chest with a large selection of Lebkuchen, German Christmas Cookies, Stollen and other treats (including tins within the tin). I buy it for my family every year, and it’s more than enough for our Christmas celebrations. In fact, I end up sending home extra packets with visitors. Or split the contents with my mother (We flip for the tin) While the tin itself is a bit expensive… you do get A LOT in it (and it’s a lovely collectible tin). Fortunately, there are many other tins for every price range.

Festive Chest 2020Festive Chest 2020Festive Chest 2020

Lebkuchen History

Brief History of these Delicious German Lebkuchen Cookies

Nuremberg is in the perfect location for Lebkuchen. bSpice merchants traveled through the city from Genoa, Venice and the Orient, insuring a constant supply of pepper and other spices that gave a kick to these delicious cookies. Ginger itself was probably introduced to Germany by Crusaders returning from the Holy Land in the Eleventh Century. But spice alone doesn’t make Lebkuchen. Nuremberg is also close to the Reichswald… also known as the German Empire’s Bee Garden. Honey supplies essential sweetness, and keeps the cookies moist over time.

By the early 1600’s, Lebkuchen was only baked by special a Baker’s Guild called the Lebkuchler from a well protected secret recipe. It was not something for the home kitchen.


Nuremberg became famous worldwide for Lebkuchen.

lebkuchen schmidt nuremberg

At the Nuremberg Christkindlmarkt


Otto Schmidt Lebkuchen

In 1927 Otto Schmidt and his brother stumbled into the Lebkuchen business when they received a train car full of Lebkuchen as a payment for a debt. They got the idea to separate it into types, and sell it nationwide with advertising. It was so successful, that Otto Schmidt established his own Lebkuchen Bakery that has been selling Lebkuchen worldwide since then. Today they still use the same secret recipe, and the same high quality ingredients, ground nuts, spices, honey and chocolate that made them famous all those years ago.

You can Buy Lebkuchen Online from Schmidt Lebkuchen!

Schmidt Lebkuchen Tins come in all Sizes and assortments. The tins keep the Lebkuchen soft and fresh, and even become collectors items after the Lebkuchen cookies have been eaten. I have a large chest tin that I got years ago… and to this day I use it to store special letters from family in Germany. They make wonderful holiday gifts for friends and family. These start coming available in the fall of each year.
There really is a tin for every taste!

Lebkuchen Schmidt Chests

The annual Collectors Chest may cost a bit, but the value you get from the contents make it all worth it. The HUGE tin box comes LOADED with treats. You even find other small tins inside the big box! And all of the tins are collectible, as well as useful (I’ve filled mine with old letters and photos, as well as special memory trinkets)

Schmidt Lebkuchen Festive Chest 2020Schmidt Lebkuchen Festive Chest 2020Schmidt Lebkuchen Festive Chest 2020Nuremberg Gift Chest 2020Nuremberg Gift Chest 2020Nuremberg Gift Chest 2020

Smaller Collectible Chests

These smaller chests make fantastic gifts for lovers of Lebkuchen!

Nuremberg Elisen Chest 2020Nuremberg Elisen Chest 2020Nuremberg Elisen Chest 2020Nuremberg Chest Day & NightNuremberg Chest Day & NightNuremberg Chest Day & NightHistoric Nuremberg Chest 2020Historic Nuremberg Chest 2020Historic Nuremberg Chest 2020Felix the Rabbit ChestFelix the Rabbit ChestFelix the Rabbit ChestFestive Present ChestFestive Present ChestFestive Present ChestSmall ChestSmall ChestSmall Chest

Suitcase GermanySuitcase GermanySuitcase GermanyWinter Chest 2020Winter Chest 2020Winter Chest 2020Art ChestArt ChestArt Chest


A beautiful box of drawers FILLED with delicious Pralines… yes PLEASE!

Chocolate Drawers BoxChocolate Drawers BoxChocolate Drawers Box

Schmidt Lebkuchen

Pick your favorites to make your own box!

Marzipan Mini-EliseMarzipan Mini-EliseMarzipan Mini-EliseElise Plum-Cinnamon Lebkuchen of the YEARElise Plum-Cinnamon Lebkuchen of the YEARElise Plum-Cinnamon Lebkuchen of the YEARMini- EliseMini- EliseMini- EliseKaiser-Elisen schokoliertKaiser-Elisen schokoliertKaiser-Elisen schokoliertDinkel-Elisen-SchnittenDinkel-Elisen-SchnittenDinkel-Elisen-SchnittenDürer-BrotDürer-BrotDürer-BrotLebkuchen StarsLebkuchen StarsLebkuchen StarsKaiserleinKaiserleinKaiserlein

Schmidt Christmas Cookies

Nougat KnopfchenNougat KnopfchenNougat KnopfchenBaumkuchen SpitzenBaumkuchen SpitzenBaumkuchen SpitzenSpekulatiusSpekulatiusSpekulatiusVanillekipferlVanillekipferlVanillekipferl


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