German Unification Quiz – Test Your Knowledge of this Important Event

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Once there was a Wall- A Visit to the Berlin Wall in 1988

I visited Berlin in 1988…. when there was still a Wall. It was a rainy July, and the whole city seemed to be in black and white. Who knew that a year later there would be color. The next time I saw Berlin was in 2018. The Wall had been down for for close to 30 years, longer than it…

German Unity Day Movies- Remembering The Berlin Wall in Film on Oct. 3

We do love Movie Night in our home. I was thinking, since October 3rd is German Unity Day, why not watch movies that show what it was like before the Wall came down and after of German Unification? These German Unity Day Movies are a fascinating time capsule of sets and clothing. And they also give a little insight into…

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