Home Book and Movie Reviews German Unity Day Movies- Remembering The Berlin Wall in Film on Oct. 3
German Unity Day Movies- Remembering The Berlin Wall in Film on Oct. 3

German Unity Day Movies- Remembering The Berlin Wall in Film on Oct. 3


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We do love Movie Night in our home. I was thinking, since October 3rd is German Unity Day, why not watch movies that show the before and after of German Unification? These German Unity Day Movies are a fascinating time capsule of sets and clothing. And they also give a little insight into the mindset of the time. Grab a few East German Candies, and settle in for a few films….

German Unity Day Movies

Goodbye Lenin

Good Bye, Lenin! (Special Edition)Good Bye, Lenin! (Special Edition)

“Good bye Lenin” is an entertaining film about the life before and after the Wall comes down.  The story is seen through the eyes of a young man in Berlin. His mother is strongly connected to the Party, and his father has left. When his mother sees her son being arrested for protesting the regime, she has a heart attack, followed by a coma. When she awakens 8 months later, the doctor warns them that any shock could kill her. So… how do they tell her that the Wall is Down? That her Germany has changed?

He and his sister go to amazing lengths to keep their mother from discovering the truth. It’s funny and touching, sometimes ridiculous…. but all done with love.

The movie is German, but there are sub-titles.




The Lives of Others

The Lives Of OthersThe Lives Of Others

Another of my favorites is “The Lives of Others”. This movie actually made a splash in the US (winning the Academy Award for Best foreign language film in 2006). This movie was a somewhat frightening account of how much power Stasi had over people.

Gerd Wiesler, a Stasi officer, is ordered to spy on the playwright Georg Drymann and his girlfriend (played by Christa-Maria Sieland, my favorite German actress). Sadly, it turns out that the spying was ordered by Minister of Culture Bruno Hempf, who wants Christa-Maria for himself. Twists and turns, power plays and tragedy result.

I won’t give away the ending… I will just say it’s fascinating what happens to spies when the Wall comes down, and they can’t be spies anymore….

Again, this movie is in German, but with sub-titles.


What was life like in East Germany before Re-unification?



These movies both try hard for accuracy. The sets, furniture and clothing very much take you to that time and place in Berlin.

I think there will be a double feature tonight!

Other Films or Programs about East Berlin

I love the series Deutschland 83, you can read my review HERE

Deutschland 83: Season 1Deutschland 83: Season 1The Legend Of RitaThe Legend Of RitaSun AlleySun Alley



Rise and Fall of the Berlin WallRise and Fall of the Berlin WallBehind The WallBehind The WallRabbit a la BerlinRabbit a la Berlin

East German Sweets

Looking for the perfect snack treats for German Unity day movies? Why not order a box of East German Candies? A little trip down memory lane…


East Germany Box Sweets & CookiesEast Germany Box Sweets & CookiesEast Germany Sweets Box GDR with licoriceEast Germany Sweets Box GDR with licorice

Plan a Berlin Wall Tour

Will you be in Berlin? Instead of watching German Unity day movies, why not take a tour of the sites where the wall was. Professional guides will give you highlights and explain the history as you go.
I think my favorite is the Trabant Tour!!

The Berlin Wall Walking Tour

from: Tours4Fun

Half-Day Bike Tour: History of the Berlin Wall

from: Viator

Berlin Wall Self-Drive Trabant Tour in Berlin

from: Viator
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  1. I love Goodbye Lenin, it is my favorite movie. I have a pen pal/sister friend who was in old East Germany. We have been writing over 20 years.


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