Is Deutschland 83 on DVD… YES! My Review and Where to Buy it!

Deutschland 83: Season 1Deutschland 83: Season 1Deutschland 83: Season 1


It’s an important question, especially since Deutschland 86 is set to be released (and you might want to catch up!)….Is Deutschland 83 on DVD? There are many of us don’t get the Sundance channel, but we have heard so much about this groundbreaking TV Series from Germany and want to see it. Finally! Deutschland 83 has been released on DVD. Not only that… it is available in different DVD formats, so you can view it on American DVD players or DVD players from different zones!

And now that Deutschland 86 is set to release on Oct. 19th… you need to see what happened in 1983!

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Deutschland 83 Review

I don’t know what I was expecting when I first popped Deutschland 83 into the DVD players. I heard that it was about spies in 1983 Germany, but that was all I knew. What I didn’t realize is that the program follows a young East German who spies on the West! So it’s not your standard… West is Good, East is Evil Empire.. plot. Martin Rauch (played by Jonas Nay) was recruited by his aunt (Maria Schrader), who works for DDR intelligence, to infiltrate the office of a West German General. His mission… learn everything possible about the Pershing II missiles that are being deployed in the West.

Martin is reluctant, but he believes in the DDR, and wants to protect his mother and girlfriend, so he goes. The plot takes a lot of twists and turns as Martin learns to fit in to the West. Starting with the white tennis shoes and blue jeans.

What I found interesting about Deutschland 83 is how the view from the East is portrayed. People in the DDR were afraid of being the battleground for a war between the USA and the USSR. News clips show Ronald Reagan’s saber-rattling, and the fear that it instills. You can understand their fear. But that doesn’t mean the Stasi and Military Intelligence of the East is excused for things they’ve done. And the show doesn’t pull many punches.


There are a number of sub-plots involving Martin’s mother and girlfriend in the DDR. Martin also gets involved in friendships with the children of the General he is assigned to watch. The Peace Movement of the 80’s is a central focus.

Over the 8 episodes, the story unfolded in quite an engaging way. Characters were interesting, and well developed. But, for me, the really interesting part was seeing that snapshot of Germany in 1983. The clothing, the hair, the homes, the green telephones, and the cars. A lot of care was taken to getting period details correct.

And the musical soundtrack… spot on! I loved hearing how the music enhanced everything that was going on on-screen. (In fact, in one memorable scene, Martin puts on a Walkman for the first time… and he is entranced!). Duran Duran, Nena, David Bowie, and even Greg Kihn! Udo Lindenberg even plays an important role! I think I need the soundtrack for my collection…

Now… there is violence… people die. It’s a spy drama, so that was expected. Also, there are a few sex scenes (one made me blush). BUT overall, compared with most of the Dramas that are on American Cable television, Deutschland 83 is not over the top bloody or sexy. Believe me, if it was too uncomfortable, I wouldn’t give it to my mother to watch!

The first season ends in a satisfying way… leaving a bit of a cliff-hanger… and definitely leaving me wanting MORE! I’m really hoping there is a second season!

Deutschland 83 is a worthy addition to your DVD collection.

Deutschland 83 on DVD?

Yes! You can order it from Amazon! Either DVD, or Streaming. Although, personally, I like having the DVD. Currently it’s cheaper than streaming, and comes with extra interviews with the cast and creators of the program. It’s nice to get that background information. Also, owning the DVD means that I can loan it to my mother (who will most likely pass it along to her friends… so you can expect to see it soon Tante Annemarie!).

Deutschland 83 is in German, but there are sub-titles. And that’s a good thing, because I never really learned many of the words for used in military, spy and nuclear issues. Although, I did notice that some of the colloquial translations were a bit off. I watched with an American who was able to follow along quite easily… his only complaint was that the sub-titles should have been a different color, so that they are easier to read.

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Note that the BLUE RAY is for a different playback machine!

Deutschland 83: Season 1Deutschland 83: Season 1Deutschland 83: Season 1Deutschland 83Deutschland 83Deutschland 83


Deutschland 86 is currently running on Amazon Prime. You can also order a DVD, but you must have a DVD player with a different Format.

Deutschland 86Deutschland 86Deutschland 86Deutschland '83 and '86 Boxed Set [DVD]Deutschland ’83 and ’86 Boxed Set [DVD]Deutschland '83 and '86 Boxed Set [DVD]



Buy the Deutschland 83 Soundtrack

One CD is the Score for the shows music… the other is the pop tunes that were played throughout the series.

Deutschland 83 / Die MusikDeutschland 83 / Die MusikDeutschland 83 / Die Musik

8 thoughts on “Is Deutschland 83 on DVD… YES! My Review and Where to Buy it!

  1. I love this show! Once I heard of it, I immediately sought it out to watch it – and it didn’t disappoint. I hear they might be considering fast forwarding to 1986 for the next season. Now that Martin has been revealed, how will he continue to spy??

    1. I’m on the edge of my seat! I’ve heard they might go to 1985 or 86… we will have to wait.

  2. For those with a Hulu subscription, you can also watch it there.

  3. Hello Karen Anne!! That is great news about how to order ‘Deutschland 83’ on DVD (NTSC). Now, here’s another ‘movie question’ for you.

    Background – my youngest daughter goes to college in NYC. Every year, NYC has a ‘Kinofest,’ where German movies are shown. At this year’s Kinofest, she was able to see ‘Toni Erdmann’ and ‘Ich und Kaminski.’ She ordered, on Amazon, ‘Ich und Kaminski’ so that we could see it at home. Unfortunately, the DVD came from Germany, and it was the PAL format. So she had to return it. Netflix does not have ‘Toni Erdmann’ nor ‘Ich und Kaminski.’

    So my question – how can we order ‘Toni Erdmann’ or ‘Ich und Kaminski’ or other German movies in the NTSC format (so that we can watch the movies on an American DVD player)? (I was able to see ‘Toni Erdmann’ last week in a city that has a wonderful ‘arthouse theater.’ My daughter said if I liked ‘Toni Erdmann,’ I’d LOVE ‘Ich und Kaminski.’ Yes, so how do I get it?!!!)

    There must be some way to obtain German movies on (NTSC) DVDs. Can you offer some help?

    Thank you!!

    1. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner….
      Truth is, I’ve gotten a lot of DVDs from Germany in their format from family over the years…. I finally broke down and bought a DVD player that plays that format. It doesn’t have loads of bells and whistles, but it does the job.

      I checked Netflix and Amazon, but it doesn’t seem to be available for streaming. There is a very rough You Tube video… but I don’t know if that’s worth seeing.

  4. Love this whole series deutschland ’83, “86 ND “89. lOOKING FOR usA COMPATIBLE VERSION DOR “86M ds ’89 seasons on NTSC format so I can watch here i n the states. Fifficult to find Please help Bitte! danke!

    1. I wish I could help. Your best bet may be to buy a universal DVD player… that’s what I ended up having to do.

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