Sweet Valentine’s Day Angels- Beautiful Gifts from the Erzgebirge


One of the nicest ways to show someone you love them is with a charming Valentine’s Day Angel from The German Christmas Shop. These adorable guardian angels are hand crafted in Germany by the Günther Reichel workshop. I fell in love with them when we visited Seiffen. Süß!!! (SWEET!!) Lovely little angel figures holding flowers, balloons, or of course, hearts. Their faces have a childlike innocence, but these aren’t children’s toys. They are a reminder to that someone you care for, that they are loved and cherished. A treasure that they can display year round.

valentine's day angels

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Valentine’s day Angels from the Erzgebirge

We’ve all seen the wooden Nutcrackers and Smokers that come out of the Erzgebirge. These figures are treasured during the Christmas Season. These cute angels are made with the same love and care. Why not enjoy special hand-made German wooden figurines year round?

Ronnie and Kristie started the German Christmas Shop a few years ago after falling in love with the craftsmanship of the wooden products during a life-changing trip to the Erzgebirge. In the past few years, they’ve expanded their online shop to include special items that can be gifted and enjoyed through out the year!

valentine's day angels

Günther Reichel Angels

Günther Reichel started out as an engineer, but his desire for creativity led him to set up a workshop alongside his parents in Pobershau, about 25 miles from Seiffen, the heart of wooden Toy and Ornament making. Within a year, he moved to a bigger workshop and took on a few employees. In 1997, he collaborated with designer Andreas Fleischer to create his first Angel. Originally, the Valentine’s Day Angels were created to be Schutzengel… or Guardian Angel figures…. to be presented on special occasions. These cute little Angels became the cornerstone of the company.

And THESE Angels are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I absolutely ADORE (that’s a hint Tech Guy)  the Angel with a Bunch of Flowers…


And the Floating Angel with a Love Heart.

valentine's day angels

and the Angel with a Heart Balloon…

valentine's day angel

Ohhhhhh!!!!!! That Portrait of Love…..

valentine's day angel

With so many Valentine Angels to choose from…
I’m sure you will have the same problem I do!

Each of these exquisite wooden Angels comes carefully packed in its own Gift Box.

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