Where to Buy Your Favorite Birkenstock Sandals

When I was growing up, I fell in love with Birkenstock sandals. Sadly, years ago, the ONLY way you could get them was to hop on a plane to Germany (or send someone over with money and your size). Today, everyone is wearing Birkenstocks! I see them all over the college campuses (my daughter wears them all over), a the yoga studio, and even at the grocery store (I have been stopped more than once by people asking “where did you find those Birkenstocks?”).

And it totally makes sense. Birkenstock Sandals are COMFORTABLE. Just slide in, and you are good to go. The molded cork footbed means you can wear them all day without pain (in your feet or your back). The uppers are made from long-lasting leather (they even got the seal of approval from PETA!) And now, you can even get Vegan versions of your favorite sandals! There are so many more cute styles and colors; they no longer look like shoes that your hippie Aunt would wear! (And now they even have Birkenstock SNEAKERS and BOOTS!)

Birkenstock sandals may not be cheap, but you get what you pay for. I’ve had pairs last for years. In fact, I tend to misplace them before I wear them out (under the bed? back of the closet?). Luckily, I have several pairs in rotation!!

Sizing is EASY All styles are shown with sizing for the US, so no more guessing….

Birkenstock Sandals

Find the right sandals for you at Birkenstock.com! Members enjoy free shipping.


Women’s Birkenstock Sandals for Sale

I prefer the Birkenstock sandals that just slide on… my favorite style is the Madrid (in magenta? Why not?) They are so easy to wear, and they go with skirts, shorts or jeans. My daughter loves the Arizona style (you will see her everywhere in them … I had to talk her in to wearing other shoes to prom). And those Mayari Sandals are SUPER CUTE!

Check out some the styles on offer-

All the styles come in a variety of colors from plain brown or blue to white, magenta, green and even orange! Each is made with 100% leather upper and a cork footbed. The rubber sole prevents slipping (perfect for when I’m wandering around not paying attention)

ArizonaArizonaBIrkenstockMadrid Big BuckleMadrid Big BuckleBIrkenstockLugano Soft FootbedLugano Soft FootbedBIrkenstockMayariMayariBIrkenstockGizehGizehBIrkenstockFrankaFrankaBIrkenstockHonoluluHonoluluBIrkenstock

Men’s Birkenstock Sandals for Sale

My dad will be pleased to learn that wearing Birkenstock Sandals with socks is no longer a fashion fail. Here in California, guys wear the socks with Birks all the time (especially the surfers who come out of the ocean with cold feet). I’ve even converted my guy to a Birkenstock wearer! Once he tried a pair on, he was hooked! They are comfortable, conform to his feet, and look sharp!

Check out the styles of Men’s Birkenstock Sandals here

Men’s Birkenstock sandals come in a few different styles (and I honestly don’t think there is a rule against women wearing them too). As with the women’s styles, they come in many different colors… so pick the one that suits you best.

MilanoMilanoBIrkenstockArizonaArizonaBIrkenstockLugano Oiled LeatherLugano Oiled LeatherBIrkenstockBarbadosBarbadosBIrkenstock


Shearling Sandals!

Sandals lined with cozy shearling to keep the feet warm. It’s the best of both worlds.

Arizona Shearling Suede LeatherArizona Shearling Suede LeatherBIrkenstockFlorida Fresh Shearling Oiled LeatherFlorida Fresh Shearling Oiled LeatherBIrkenstock


birkenstock sandals

5 thoughts on “Where to Buy Your Favorite Birkenstock Sandals

  1. Would like a Birkenstock Pisa 38 size can you get that for me

    1. you have to click on the link to place the order

  2. I would love to order a pair of oringinal full strap Birkenstock. I had mine for 30yrs and I need a new pair. Any help would be great

    1. If you click through the post, it will take you to German Slipper, and you can see the full selection of Birkenstock there.

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