European Down Comforters and Pillows -Sleep like at Oma’s

Remember how well you slept at Oma’s? Cozy and protected, tucked in under a fluffy down comforter, head on a feather pillow? It just felt like the height of luxury. That restful comfort can be found here in the US at Pacific Coast Feather. Their European Goose Down comforters, white Duck Down comforters, and well-made pillows will take you right back to Germany.

Find comforters in different sizes, so you can cover your bed with one comforter (like here in America) or two individual comforters, like in Germany. You can also choose from different levels of warmth so that those of you in the South don’t overheat, and you in the North don’t freeze! Pillows come in standard American sizes, so it’s easy to find the right pillowcases.

Pacific Coast Feather uses hyperclean goose and duck down in their comforters and pillows. What is hyperclean? The down has been washed 8 times in biodegradable cleaning solutions to remove all dust and allergens! You can be certain that your bedding is CLEAN. And, because they are so confident you will love your new bedding, they offer a 30-Night Comfort Guarantee or Your Money Back!u

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Boutique Fill European Goose Down Comforter

The 700 Fill Power European Goose Down comforters are filled with 100% Goose down, and encased in a 400 thread count cotton damask weave cover. And because it comes it two weights, you can get the warmth you need.  These comforters come in Full/Queen or King, so you can make your bed up “German Style” with individual comforters, or top the whole bed with one big cover.

Boutique European Goose Down ComforterBoutique European Goose Down ComforterPacific Coast Feather

Boutique European Goose Down Pillow

Pacific Coast Feather’s European Goose Down Pillows give you all the comfort of German feather pillows, but use the dimensions of American pillows (so you can find pillow cases that fit!) The inner pillows are filled with 700 Fill white goose down. The pillow is then protected by a zip on pillow cover to keep the pillow clean longer and make washing easier. Choose your comfort level from Soft/Medium and Medium/Firm Support… and size Standard/Queen or King.

Boutique European Goose Down PillowBoutique European Goose Down PillowPacific Coast Feather

Extra Warm European Duck Down

Save a little money without giving up quality. For year round warmth, this comforter has 600 fill hyperclean white duck down.  The 100% cotton cover has a 500 thread count to keep feathers IN. Baffles in the comforter keep the feathers from moving around and clumping as they otherwise would. Available in Twin, Queen, and King sizes, so you can make the bed in German or American Style.

European White Duck Down Extra Warmth 500TC ComforterEuropean White Duck Down Extra Warmth 500TC ComforterPacific Coast Feather

Lighter Weight European Duck Down Comforter

Looking for down comfort, but don’t need the extra warmth? This European white duck down comforter will keep you cozy without causing you to overheat. The 500 thread count cotton cover holds 600 fill hyperclean white duck down in baffles to keep the feathers from clumping at your feet. Feel cozy all night long.

European White Duck Down Light Warmth 500TC ComforterEuropean White Duck Down Light Warmth 500TC ComforterPacific Coast Feather

European White Duck Down Pillow

Sink your head into downy softness at the end of a long day. The 600 fill hyperclean European white duck down pillow covered by a 500 thread count sateen cotton cover is machine washable! Choose from medium or firm support for your perfect sleep style.

European White Duck Down Sateen Cover 500TC PillowEuropean White Duck Down Sateen Cover 500TC PillowPacific Coast Feather

Mattress Toppers

Complete your bed with one of the many feather mattress toppers in size twin through king, for the best night’s sleep you’ve had since those nights at Oma’s….

Down on Top FeatherbedDown on Top FeatherbedPacific Coast FeatherHeritage Baffle Box FeatherbedHeritage Baffle Box FeatherbedPacific Coast Feather

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One thought on “European Down Comforters and Pillows -Sleep like at Oma’s

  1. WOW,you are a busy girl Karin. Love all your posts. Yes, I sure miss my German feather bed. Brought mine with me from Germany and had it for years. Can’t remember what happen to it. Bought one simular here in the states, but it was not the same to the one I had. Ours is nice and cozy. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. It kept me warm during our harsh winter month in Germany. Those winter month can be quite bad.But as a child, I done a lot of Schlitten fahren down steep hills. Sometimes I walked up a steep mountain. On top was a large farm. They gave me hot chocolate and some cookies. Their home was nice and warm, and I could taw out.I always stayed to long, and by the time I returnd home, it was getting dark. I always got in trouble from my mom for coming home so late. It was quite tricky coming of that mountain at dark But it sure was fun. I was never worried accident. Love seeing big white snow flakes fallen from the sky. At times the were so thick, you could barely see were you was going. Now, I don’t care for snow anymore. I refuse to drive when there is ice or snow on the road. Long time ago, I had job. Had to get up at 4am. 2 time I had an accident. After that. no more driving. Both times the damage to my car was over 3000,00. I was not allowed to call in at work and tell them I couldn’t make it, unless I was half dead. I was lucky that the accidents never hurt me, except I was sore and stiff. But back in Germany, that was my loveliest time. Happy Thanks=Giving to all your subscribers and of course to you and your family. Gigi.

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