German Slippers July 4th Sale! 25% off Sandals & Slippers

Happy July 4th!
To celebrate, German Slippers is offering 25% off all  Slippers and Sandals.

Whether it’s hot or cold where you are, you’ll find the perfect slipper or sandal at . They stylish and comfortable sandals incredibly “in” right now. Wear them with shorts, or even a dirndl! And the breathable wool slippers keep your feet warm, while still allowing them to breathe. Slippers and sandals available for men, women, and children! All of their top quality products are shipped from Germany. Grab these while the price is right.


Use Coupon Code JULY25

Sale ends on July 5th

As an affiliate of German Slippers, I receive a percentage of sales, at no cost to you

Choose from the full line of Slippers and Sandals

Don’t Miss this German Slippers Sale!

Tuffeln® Women leather Sandals 'Föhr', rossoTuffeln® Women leather Sandals ‘Föhr’, rossoGerman-SlippersHAFLINGER Women Bio Sandals 'Mio', red countryHAFLINGER Women Bio Sandals ‘Mio’, red countryGerman-SlippersHAFLINGER Women Toe Separator 'Bio Conny', braided bordeauxHAFLINGER Women Toe Separator ‘Bio Conny’, braided bordeauxGerman-SlippersHAFLINGER Ballerina | Victoria, RosatoHAFLINGER Ballerina | Victoria, RosatoGerman-SlippersHAFLINGER Clog | Grizzly Michel, RustHAFLINGER Clog | Grizzly Michel, RustGerman-SlippersBERKEMANN Berkoflex Sandal | Daria, Wine RedBERKEMANN Berkoflex Sandal | Daria, Wine RedGerman-SlippersHAFLINGER® Dog Slippers | Flair Dachshund, Stone-GrayHAFLINGER® Dog Slippers | Flair Dachshund, Stone-GrayGerman-SlippersHAFLINGER Clog | Grizzly Cuoricino, Stone GrayHAFLINGER Clog | Grizzly Cuoricino, Stone GrayGerman-Slippers

HAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Luna, SilverHAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Luna, SilverGerman-SlippersHAFLINGER Women Bio Sandals 'Andrea', beigeHAFLINGER Women Bio Sandals ‘Andrea’, beigeGerman-SlippersVaromed vital Clog | Charly, WhiteVaromed vital Clog | Charly, WhiteGerman-SlippersLiving Kitzbuehel Women Felt Slippers 'Swiss Cross', unbleachedLiving Kitzbuehel Women Felt Slippers ‘Swiss Cross’, unbleachedGerman-Slippers

HAFLINGER Women Nubuck Clogs 'Malmö', blueHAFLINGER Women Nubuck Clogs ‘Malmö’, blueGerman-SlippersHAFLINGER® Kids Slippers | Joschi, DenimHAFLINGER® Kids Slippers | Joschi, DenimGerman-SlippersHAFLINGER Men Bio Sandals 'Andrea', marineHAFLINGER Men Bio Sandals ‘Andrea’, marineGerman-SlippersHAFLINGER Slipper | Herzerl, Captain BlueHAFLINGER Slipper | Herzerl, Captain BlueGerman-Slippers

Thies Women Sandals 'Eco Bio Strap', oceanThies Women Sandals ‘Eco Bio Strap’, oceanGerman-SlippersHAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Mio, Country MarineHAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Mio, Country MarineGerman-Slippers

Wool Fit® Felt Slippers | Footprint, dark redWool Fit® Felt Slippers | Footprint, dark redGerman-SlippersWoolFit® 'Classic' handfelted Slippers with Natural Rubber Sole, blueWoolFit® ‘Classic’ handfelted Slippers with Natural Rubber Sole, blueGerman-SlippersWoolFit® Felt Slippers | Footprint, stone grayWoolFit® Felt Slippers | Footprint, stone grayGerman-Slippers

Find more Sale Items in all Colors and Styles HERE!

Sale ends on July 5th

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