German S’mores! Why NOT play with your Food?

German S’mores are what happens when I’m alone in the kitchen and craving the flavors of childhood.

To be perfectly honest, and because I know lots of people will point this out, German S’mores aren’t a real thing. But I think they should be, and now, they CAN be!

When I was a child growing up here in the US, I was a scout. And like all good scouts, we went on camping trips (nothing too rustic, our leaders weren’t the “pitch a tent in the middle of the woods” types). What I remember most was the campfire. The meals were forgettable. But Dessert! Dessert was always S’mores. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the concept… S’mores (called that because you want SOME MORE) are Graham Crackers, a Hershey’s Chocolate bar and a Marshmallow. The marshmallow is toasted over the campfire, placed on the chocolate, and the whole thing is sandwiched between the crackers. This sweet sticky gooey mess is guaranteed to get in your hair and burn your tongue.

It’s a delightful part of childhood.….sitting around the campfire with good friends, eating smores, and singing classic campfire songs. These types of occasions are so magical and fun, and the memories last forever.

This afternoon I was tidying up the pantry, and stumbled across the bag of German Marshmallows… and an idea formed. I acted on the thought. My daughter caught me munching, and so I made one for her too.

Got the thumbs up!!

So, here’s what I did.

What makes a German S’more?

It’s the ingredients.
(I got the Chamallows from German Shop 24, they also have the Biscuit cookies)

german smores

-Milka Chocolate Biscuits  (alternatively, Leibnitz Butter Keks and a small Milka chocolate bar, but that’s 3 ingredients)
-Colorful German Chamallows

Lay one Milka chocolate biscuit chocolate side up on a plate.
Put another one close by.


Grab 2 colorful sugar-covered German Marshmallows. (I like the twisty ones, my daughter went for solid colored blobs.)

GErman smores
Put them on a long handled fork (or other roasting stick) and hold it over a fire.

german smores
(I just did it in the kitchen over the stove)
It goes fast!

german smores
Place the marshmallows on the chocolate… top with the second biscuit… pull off the fork.

german smores

Let it sit for a minute so you don’t burn yourself
(that would be first hand experience)

german smores



Don’t have Fire? Use a Microwave!

My kids have been sticking marshmallows in the microwave for years (It’s no wonder I’m a frazzled mom!)
You can make German S’mores in the microwave!

Lay the chocolate biscuit on a plate, chocolate side up.
Put two German marshmallows on top of it.

german smores
Cover with the second biscuit.

german smores

(I was tempted to add MORE Marshmallows…. so I tried it. It was a bad idea. Stick with 2)


NOTE! It took about 5 seconds in our microwave for the marshmallows to swell and the chocolate to melt.

german smores


I know, I know, it would make my Oma Crazy! But I had fun playing with my food…. 


Chamallows MixChamallows MixGermanShop24Chamallows RhombaChamallows RhombaGermanShop24Milka Choco MooMilka Choco MooGermanShop24Leibniz chocolateLeibniz chocolateGermanShop24Leibniz plainLeibniz plainGermanShop24Milka Choco Biscuit - 0.33 lbsMilka Choco Biscuit – 0.33 lbsMilka Choco Biscuit - 0.33 lbs


2 thoughts on “German S’mores! Why NOT play with your Food?

  1. The pink marshmallow in the picture looked like ham or bacon, and I thought, “Oooh, chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, and bacon! Yum!” Then I read the article.

    But I still think the ham or bacon sounds yummy.

    1. OH!
      hmmm… that might be the next “fun times in the kitchen” experiment

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