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German Shop 24 Product Reviews- German Shopping Online

German Shop 24 Product Reviews- German Shopping Online


Recently German Shop 24 approached me, and asked if I would like to do monthly reviews of some of their products. Since I do much of my German Shopping online… and already order many of my favorite items from them… I am MORE than happy to share German Shop 24 Product Reviews.

German Shop 24 carries HUNDREDS of items… from food to cleaning products, from drinks to personal care items. They even have a wishlist, so if you are missing something, you can let them know!

To be open about this…
I recieved all of the products for free, with no expectation that I would love all of them. In fact, my intention is to be perfectly honest about how the products arrived, how they taste, and the value for cost.
I tried each thing myself, and encouraged my family to try them as well.
Finally, I need to let you know that because I am an affiliate of German Shop 24, I receive a small percentage from each item sold through my website, at no extra cost to you.

German Shop 24 Product Reviews

All products sent by German Shop 24 are carefully packed and shipped. Fragile items are bubble wrapped. Prices are quite reasonable compared with other German shopping online. Shipping is free if you order $150. It’s a good idea to keep a list on your refrigerator or pantry… and place the order when it is big enough for that free shipping. (I’ve been known to combine orders with my mother and daughter).
Note! If you order items that should be kept cool (think chocolate in summer months) you will have to pay extra for cooled shipping.

June 2020

german shop 24 Product review

My first box arrived at the beginning of June, and I was THRILLED with the selection! Brötchen, Knusper Puff Reis, Käse Spätzle, Lauch Cremesuppe, Jäger Soße, Baumkuchen Spitze and CHIPS!!

Plus a little packet of  Gummi Bears … that was just too small to share.

Chipsfrish Ungarisch

German shopping online

German potato chips just taste different, and (to me) they have a crunchier texture. Whenever I’m in Germany, I always buy a few bags of the Ungarisch (Hungarian) or Paprika chips to nibble on. The problem is, they don’t travel well in a suitcase. The bag I got from German Shop 24 arrived in perfect condition. The chips weren’t crushed or smashed. They were fresh… and they were gone in a day. People who are looking for a BBQ flavored chip are going to be a bit dissappointed, because the flavor isn’t that overwhelming. They are perfect as a snack with a beer on the patio (or while typing up reviews)

Click Order Chips Frisch Ungarisch Flavor HERE

Bauern Goldkrüste Brötchen

german shopping online

The universal lament of Germans here in America is the lack of Brötchen. German Shop 24 carries a number of different Brötchen that you finish baking at home (including Regular Brötchen, Fitness BrötchenRaisin Brötchen, and Rye Brötchen) . The flavor of these Bauern Brötchen is just delicious. They have a nice crust, and soft chewy inside. You can eat them just with butter!

Click Order Bauern Brötchen HERE

Lauch Cremesuppe (Leek Cream Soup)

german shopping Online

I requested this packet of Leek Cream Soup because it comes attached to a memory. My Oma would make Lauch Cremesuppe and serve it before a big meal on Sunday…. or sometimes on a cool evening with Abend Brot. Because I loved the flavor so much, she would send boxes of packets to me. I love that it cooks up quick, tastes delicious, and makes a simple meal of Bread and Aufschnitt more filling and warm. Sadly, I lost my source when my Oma died. I still shopped for packets in Germany, but it’s SOOOO much more convenient to have a source here.

Click to Order Lauch Cremesuppe HERE

Käse-Spätzle mit Röstzwiebeln (Cheese Spaetzle with Roasted Onions)

german shopping online
Käse Spätzle has often been called the German answer to Macaroni and Cheese. But… it’s not quite the same, is it? This simple packet mix from Maggi makes a Cheese Spätzle that comes together in about 25 minutes (it takes some cooking down), and tastes delicious. The onions give a nice flavor, but there aren’t chunks. Even the kid who grew up on Kraft Macaroni and cheese gave it the thumbs up. The packet says 2 portions… we split it as a side dish between three of us. I imagine if I gave the whole thing to my kid, she would have eatten it all herself. Serve as a side, or on it’s own with a salad.

Click to order Käse Spätzle HERE

Instant Jäger Soße- Hunter Sauce

german shopping online
Short cuts in the kitchen are such a HUGE help these days when everyone is so busy. Packets like this Instant Jäger Soße mean that you can whip up a delicious gravy for your Schnitzel or Frikadellen and have it on the table satisfying your hungry family in no time! It even has dried Mushroom bits for authentic flavor and texture.

Click to order Jäger Soße HERE

Baumkuchen Spitzen

german baumkuchen

Baumkuchen is a specialty cake, and it’s  not something you can make at home. Layers of batter are added to a roller and baked until you have 21 layers. It requires a special oven, and a lot of patience. Fortunately, you can buy a whole Baumkuchen during the holiday season from German Shop 24, and for the rest of the year, you can get these amazing and addictive Baumkuchen Spitzen. Once I opened the box, they vanished. The only one who wasn’t crazy about these was the kid, because they had Rum flavoring. You can also get Irish Creme or plain. Read my longer review of Baumkuchen here–> Baumkuchen


Click here to order Baumkuchen Spitzen


 Fruchtiger Knusper Puffreis – Fruity Rice Puffs

german food online
At first glance, Fruchtiger Puffreis looks like American Breakfast Cereal… but it’s not. It’s an addictive crunchy snack with lots of flavor, and very few calories. As a child, I had them in my little play store (they came in tiny boxes), and I love them memory attached. When I poured some in a bowl for Tech Guy he was wildly confused… but then they were gone, munched down FAST! These have a citrussy bite, a bit sweet, a bit tart. The kid isn’t sure if she likes them (she thought I was feeding her something Asian!). I think these would be great for little kids or people walking down memory lane.

Click to Order Fruchtige Puffreis HERE

German Shopping is Easy with German Shop 24!
Find more great products Here


Until next time…. Happy Shopping!


    1. Hi Eva,

      I double checked… German Shop 24 ships worldwide, except for Russia and within Germany. Be aware, there may be custom fees.

  1. Growing up in Ireland my Mother always bought Haffners German sausages, plus Black and white Pudding, all delicious.
    When Haffeners closed down they sold their Recipe to Superquinns market, they were good but not the same.
    though. Love to find a sausage just like Haffners again.


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