How to Watch German Movies and German TV in the US

I‘m frequently asked HOW to watch German movies or German TV shows here in the US. Generally, I turn to Netflix or Amazon… maybe I slip a German DVD into my multi-region player. But that’s just a tiny percentage of the German Programming available to us here. You tube, apps and certain websites make watching German TV easier than ever. (Even Tatort!). The availability is almost overwhelming!

My generous readers shared all the different ways that they watch German Programs with me. I’ve done my best to sort them out. Some are free, some require a monthly fee. Some can be watched on TV, others are best for devices (and can then be streamed to TV), still others require a German VPN for your computer. Let’s go through all the ways here.

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How to See German Movies and TV in the US


MHz on Amazon Prime ( $7.99 per month)

Do you have Amazon Prime, ?a Roku? iphone? Android? an Xbox One?Then you can look for MHz. This subscription service has loads of international programs, especially mystery and drama series. (Tatort!)
Watch on your TV or device (ipad, phone, laptop). Learn more about MHz here—> MHz

how to watch german movies

Amazon Fire TV 

This Amazon product connects to your TV, and will allow you to stream 500000 movies and Television programs. Including ones from Germany. And it’s voice activated, so you can search without typing (although I’m interested to know how it deals with a German accent). Find all your favorite Netflix shows, Youtube, HBO and many many MANY more.

You can also download extra apps to enjoy, like RTL, ZDF, The Germany Channel, and ARTE. There’s even a channel devoted to Tatort! Some require extra monthly payment.

See more about the Amazon Fire Stick here–> Fire Stick

Kanopy (Free with a Library Card!)

In the past, the Goethe Institute has partnered with Kanopy to share documentaries, foreign films, classics, and educational films. While there are plenty of films for adults (search “German Films” or “German Language”), the real treasure is in the KID’S section. They have Muzzy German Language for Kids films! Perfect for young German Language Learners.

Learn more about Kanopy here–> Kanopy



Want to watch movies and video streams with friends around the world? The Streamparty platform allows you to  watch videos together with people you care about  or future friends all across the world, TOTALLY IN SYNCH! on multiple services, right on their website! This set up is perfect for anyone in a long distance relationship! (Believe me, I’ve tried watching movies simultaneously with long distance friends… there’s always a funky lag… Streamparty eliminates that!)
Sign up here–> Streamparty


YouTV (Free for basic, then from 5.99€ per month)

Quite a few people recommended this App to me. The way I understand it, you can choose to record any German programs  (from German TV) with a click (there is a LONG list of available programming!). Later you can watch your recorded shows on your device. Sort of like a DVR, but for German TV that you can watch here. (I think you can’t watch live, but I’m sure someone will let me know if I got that wrong.)
Go to the site, and you can scroll though the TV listings, or search through categories. They have a nice selection for the kids! (Including Biene Maja!)

The app is available from all the usual places… Apple TV, iOS iPhone, Watch and iPad, Android smartphone, Android tablet, FireTV, NVIDIA Shield, Android TV, Roku, Windows Universal, Xbox One, Samsung, Panasonic, LG , and Chromecast.

It starts free, but that doesn’t give you as many programs. At 5.99€ per month, but if you pay more, you get more “users” and more storage.

Learn more about Youtv here–> YouTV

Netflix- ($8.99 per month)

Netflix seems to be a favorite for many people. There are LOTS of movies and programs available in the German Language. Once you start watching German language programming, more will come up as suggestions.
Put “German Language Movies” or “German Language TV” in the search bar.(Not all will be German, but most will.)
You can DUB some of the movies in German (look under the subtitle option)
Set up a separate profile on your Netflix account JUST for the German programming, and it will give you more German movies.
Babylon Berlin
Dark (Fair warning… this is confusing because of the time travel)
Criminal (the Germany edition)

German TV and News Websites

Quick note- Some programs are barred from being shown to IP addresses (computer location addresses) outside of Germany. There is a work around for this. It’s called a VPN. With such a service, your computer tricks their computer into thinking you are in Germany. Sounds like high tech espionage, doesn’t it? Almost like James Bond… (Although in my case, I’m more like Inspector Clouseau. Thankfully Tech Guy handles this stuff).

You can learn more about it, and get one HERE–> Surfshark VPN


Click to Deutsch in the language, and you will find a display of programs. SOME will play without a VPN, most won’t.
Find it here–>


Find all of ARD 1’s shows, including news and series (like Charite). You can also see movies, children’s programming, documentaries and MORE. Again, for most of the programs you will need a VPN.
Find it here–> ARD1

Das Erste

TV shows (including the end of Lindenstrasse), News and more. Some work, some need VPN.
Find more here–> Das Erste



Series, documentaries, the Heute program, and a lot of children’s programming (and tween shows)
find it here–> ZDF


WDR has News, culture, politics, series, and some great shows… check out Land und Lecker (love this one) and they have the Maus…
Check out the Hobbyraum for kid activities.

Find it here–> WDR Fernsehen
and the Maus–>Die Sendung mit der Maus

How to Watch German Movies with Free Streaming

For free streaming Shows, music and podcasts. You can record streams or convert downloaded movies to the format you want using Movavi.


Just click in, (search Europe, then Germany) and you will find a LONG list of German Radio stations and TV stations streaming live on your computer.
OR Find it here–> Streema

Goethe Institute … (classes, podcast and music)

Not only does the Goethe Institute have great resources for language learning (for ALL ages), they have playlists for Spotify. Everything from pop to politics.
Check out their #Ersatzprogramm here–> Goethe Institute


EVERYONE knows about Youtube, but did you know you can find TONS of German programs there?
Type German Language TV into the search bar and way too many selections come up.
You can drill down and search for specific programs and movies (most likely you will find them)
A few good channels and shows to look for:
DW – Deutschewelle
BR -Bayrischer Rundfunk
der Kommisar
Die Biene Maja
Nacht Cafe


It is possible to watch German videos on DVD. I’ve ordered plenty of movies from Amazon, and found others in Video Stores.
Some favorites-
Goodbye Lenin
Deutschland 83
Wings of Desire

But there is another way to see great German movies that haven’t been released here in the US.

You will need an ALL REGION DVD PLAYER. Dvds sold in Germany will not play on American players. (I don’t know why). A simple player isn’t that expensive, and it opens up your world!
Find one here–> All Region DVD Player

Then you can play all of the German DVDs that you packed into your suitcase (well, I did). You can order from
Like- Drei Haselnusse fur Aschenbrödel, or Fünf Freunde, or Ziemlich Beste Freunde

You can also order films from!


WHEW! That’s quite a list. I will keep adding to it as I find more ways to watch German TV and German Movies.

16 thoughts on “How to Watch German Movies and German TV in the US

  1. There is a dedicated Tatort App on the Fire Stick too, btw.

  2. Cute puppy and thanks for the suggestions on Netflix!

  3. you can download the Viaway app for roku. intincludes m
    Munchen tv which televise the Oktoberfest live

  4. Does anyone know of any news programs that are in German with english subtitles? We’re trying to improve our German. thank you

    1. Some cable packages include Deutsche Welle, Comcast does in my city – don’t know about subtitles.

  5. Don’t miss “Die Kaiserin” on Netflix (“The Empress”). A German Series !

  6. I have comcast and I can watch “Deutsche Welle” in many languages. Of course I watch it in German.

  7. You are correct that on YOUTV you cannot watch life shows only shows you have set previously to be recorded. But one thing I like with YOUTV is that you can download your recordings even in different qualities. I downloaded all Icy hesitate wine Familie. My favorite show

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