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Krampus Gifts from Rare Dirndl

Krampus Gifts from Rare Dirndl


It’s finally here! Rare Dirndl just released their Krampus Collection! You’ll find perfect Krampus Gifts for those who prefer the sugary sweet Christmas Season with a side of menace. There is something special for all ages… from jewelry to coloring books. I love the fun Tee-Shirts (and in California, I can still wear them outside during the day without freezing!). And if it’s colder where you are… check out this year’s Krampus Scarf!

2022 Krampys Scarf!2022 Krampus Scarf!Rare Dirndl

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Who is Krampus?

A Grüß from Krampus? (Greetings from Krampus) YES! Krampus has been a part of Southern German Folklore for hundreds of years, dating back to pagan mythology. Half goat, half demon… covered in fur with big horns, he either travels alone, or as a companion to St Nicholas. You might hear the bells at is waist, and know he’s coming. And if you see him, beware of the switch! December 5th is Krampusnacht (Krampus night), when kids are told that if they didn’t behave, Krampus would snatch them up and spirit them away in his sack!

Today, he’s no less scary, but his popularity has spread beyond Southern Germany. He’s become a well established part of pop-culture! (Read more about Krampus Here)

Vintage Krampus Card Mini StickersVintage Krampus Card Mini StickersRare Dirndl

Rare Dirndl Krampus Collection

This year’s collection features Krampus in all his hairy glory! It’s easy to find Krampus Gifts for other, and a few for yourself.

Click HERE to go  STRAIGHT TO THE Krampus Collection

krampus merchandise

Krampus Scarf

I LOVE wearing my Krampus Infinity Scarf (I have 2 now… so I always have the appropriate match for my outfits!). It’s fun, people SEE the Krampus… then they do a double take! WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR SCARF. They love it! And so do I.

2022 Krampus Infinity Scarf!2022 Krampus Infinity Scarf!Rare Dirndl2022 Krampus Scarf2022 Krampus ScarfRare Dirndl


Krampus and Susi ScarfKrampus and Susi ScarfRare Dirndl

Krampus T Shirts

Krampus T shirts come in all sizes, and a load of colors. Check them out here…

Krampus & Kiddo Short-Sleeve Unisex T-ShirtKrampus & Kiddo Short-Sleeve Unisex T-ShirtRare DirndlFestive Krampus Women's T-Shirt | MauveFestive Krampus Women’s T-Shirt | MauveRare DirndlGruß vom Krampus' Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt | RedGruß vom Krampus’ Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt | RedRare DirndlKrampus Scaring Kids T-shirt | Steel BlueKrampus Scaring Kids T-shirt | Steel BlueRare DirndlKrampus Raglan 3/4 Sleeve | Black & WhiteKrampus Raglan 3/4 Sleeve | Black & WhiteRare Dirndl

Krampus Meets his Match

A few years ago Erika wrote a book called “Krampus Meets his Match”… a funny sweet book about Krampus and Susi. I’m delighted to see that the book is back, along with cute Krampus and Susie, for the little ones in your world.

“Krampus Meets His Match” – the Krampus BookRare Dirndl



Basic Krampus BundleBasic Krampus BundleRare Dirndl


Krampus Stickers and Pins

Stick Krampus on your laptop or lapel with these fun stickers and pins. Then take Krampus everywhere!

Krampus Pin SetKrampus Pin SetRare DirndlKrampus PinKrampus PinRare DirndlKrampus Sticker 3-PackKrampus Sticker 3-PackRare DirndlKrampus and Susie StickerKrampus and Susie StickerRare DirndlKrampus and Kiddo StickerKrampus and Kiddo StickerRare DirndlKrampus Mini StickerKrampus Mini StickerRare Dirndl

Krampus Jewelry

Complete your look with Krampus Jewelry. These earrings, necklaces and bracelets are appropriate for any occasion…

Krampus Ribbon NecklaceKrampus Ribbon NecklaceRare DirndlKrampus EarringsKrampus EarringsRare DirndlKrampus Pendant Necklace (blue)Krampus Pendant Necklace (blue)Rare DirndlKrampus and Susi BraceletKrampus and Susi BraceletRare DirndlKrampus Pendant Necklace (brown)Krampus Pendant Necklace (brown)Rare Dirndl


The Rare Dirndl Krampus Collection- Find some GREAT Krampus Gifts!

I’ve just shown off a few of the pieces. The Rare Dirndl Krampus Collection gets bigger and better every year with some fantastic pieces that will accessorize any outfit this time of year. But jump on it quick! On December 15, the Krampus Collection will vanish for another year!!

Click HERE To See the rest of the

Rare Dirndl Krampus Collection 

rare dirndl krampus


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